Meet my friend Craig’s List

Since it is summer time, we have a few chores around my house that we need to finish up.  One is clearing out the “treasures” (worthless crap) we have accumulated over the years but have no good use for anymore.  Granted, at one time I thought I did need a huge pink “Hello Kitty” desk for my office to be a successful blogger, but now I know I don’t (mainly because I’m not a successful blogger).  Besides, my imaginary stalker Cyndi said she would gladly take it off my hands anytime I needed her to.

Unlike my worthless advice I offer to you my dear readers, some of these items are good, usable items.  And you know I really hate making the trip to the local garbage dump when I know a lot of my treasures could have a second life with someone else.  That’s when I turn to my friend Craig’s List.

Sure, some people are scared of Craig’s List (because who isn’t scared of meeting a stranger in a back alley for new flat screen TV?) but when you want to avoid making a trip to the garbage dump, Craig’s List can be your best friend.  Now that I don’t have a truck, it is hard for me to take large items to the garbage dump, donation center, or the recycling center.  Instead of me asking my friend to borrow his truck, I throw everything up on Craig’s List for free.

Today, I got rid of some really cool solar water heater panels.  They aren’t as bad as having a broken down wash machine in your front hard, but solar panels were nice but a wind storm had knocked them over and the glass was destroyed.  I had a few problems setting up the solar water heater system last year, then replacing the glass seemed expensive (4 ft x 8 ft sheets), and they didn’t fit into my “White Trash Theme” I have going on in the backyard, so I decided to get rid of them.  Now, I’m sure I could have sold them on Craig’s List but sometimes that is more of a hassle that the money I’d make out of the project.

This morning I posted the ad and within 30 minutes, two guys came and picked them up. As a bonus, they also picked up all my other free junk out in the driveway.  It was awesome.  I just saved myself about $50 in dump fees and a trip to the Bow Lake Transfer Station.

If you are worried about people coming to your house, you can also put your treasures on the corner of your neighborhood with a “free” sign on it.  I have a neighbor who is gone 11 months of the year so we usually put all the items in front of his house.  Plus, I have an awesome view of watching people gathering up my “treasures”.

That’s your worthless advice tip of the day!  Keep on getting rid of those treasures!

5 thoughts on “Meet my friend Craig’s List

  1. This made me laugh, thanks. Yes, I currently have several things listed on Craigslist. I’ve also had an experience with a crazy man with a knife and pork rinds jar trying to sell me blackberries from Craigslist..eek.
    I’ve also enjoyed putting a free sign at the end of my driveway and watch people gather the items with delight,.. the small joys in life.

    1. I felt a bit guilty not selling the two lounge chairs. I probably could have sold them for $20-$30 for the pair. But I wonder if it is more of a hassle. Last summer, I sold off four metal chairs for $100 and that was worth it. I agree with watching the people pick up the free stuff. It’s awesome!

  2. This is a subject very close to my heart. I am constantly trying to empty my “attic” of accumulated must keep items which I totally forget I had. And the garage is the same. We have what we call “boot sales” whereby we take said junk and try and flog it for 20p or a £1.00. After standing in the wind and rain for about 6 hours you feel satisfied when you have made £10! Deduct £6.00 for coffee and a sausage in a baguette then you go home still with a load of junk, a cold and £4.00

    1. Yeah, I’ve been there and done that! That’s why I’ve given up on doing the garage/yard sale. Just post items for sale on Craig’s List and see that wackos start calling you!

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