My thoughts on Reading

Holy cow! You must be really bored if you are looking on this page of my blog. Either you think I have some wise words on which books I like to read, you hit this page by accident, or you are stalking me and in your quest to know everything about me (and I mean everything), you decided to read this page. Hmm, Cyndi my imaginary stalker would be so proud of you!

I really enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction alike.  I listen to audio books when I’m driving around Seattle or headed down to Tacoma by myself.  I don’t listen to my audio books while other people riding in the car due to the fact, that I feel it might be perceived as being rude.  Since I could be engaging in a conversation with my passengers, I make every effort to do so.  Of course, if all the passengers are asleep, it doesn’t matter, I’ll listen and learn.

Currently working (reading) on some non-fiction about trains and early railroading. I’m a train geek; I admit it.

2016 Update: I am now finally updating this page and you’ll be delighted to know that I’m still reading.  Now, get back into my blog and do some reading of your own!

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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Reading

  1. HA! Cyndi sent me! My dad was a switchman for the Milwaukee Road for many years so I spent some time learning about railroad yards, and most definitely about respect for the mighty train!

  2. Clicked by accident, I’ll admit it…
    Don’t have anything clever to say, either…
    I do like trains, though. Currently watching Hell on Wheels and enjoying it immensely. (I know it’s heavily fictionalized, but still…)

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