About….it’s all about ME! Really….it is all about me!

I’m a portrait and school photographer in the greater Seattle area. You can visit my website to see samples of my work.  I also enjoy writing some blogs about humorous situations as well as my less than smart thinking I dabble in.

I’m not writing the next bestseller novel out there or any science fiction.  After you read my blog, you’ll notice most of my worthless advice is actually the best advice you’ll ever get.  In fact, you should click on that button to the right that says “Follow” and “Subscribe” to my blog so you don’t miss out on anything.  Really, you should push it now.  It only gets better after you push the “Follow” button….I promise.

Other things about me: I also have a real estate license but that is mostly for my own investment needs.   However, I am delighted to talk with you about real estate.  You can see my real estate website at www.kevinre.com

OK. I lied.  I could care less about your real estate needs.  I just want to humor you.  Just click the “Follow” button, OK?  You read this far, you might as well push the button.

You’ve read this far so you might as well hit the “Follow” button…if you do my imaginary stalker Cyndi will be so delighted.  Really, she will be.  Make her happy. Please….
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24 thoughts on “About….it’s all about ME! Really….it is all about me!

  1. Hi my name is diane garbutt i live in the north east .i am wondering if you would give me some input as i am in early stages of setting up my own photography business ,how did you decide on your packages and your prices etc and how did you do your research?
    would you be able to send me any information that may be of help to help me get started please thank you

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy your travels. I did like all the sunshine photos and your adventures on the mountain bike!

    1. Thanks for this! I reviewed it and appears I might have to put some thought into my acceptance speech and also who I might be passing it forward to. And what about the 11 questions? Man, that is going to be difficult to think up some thought provoking questions for others to answer. More work, thanks Mancakes, thanks a lot.

    1. Don’t worry real estate scares me too! I love working on my own house but feel guilty doing so since the value is about the same as when I purchased it 10 years ago. So much for my early retirement.

    1. Seattle and the Puget Sound area is great for July, August, and September. The rest of the months, are gray, overcast and temperatures range from 40-50 degrees. The only benefit is we don’t have a lot of bugs. Otherwise, depression is a wonderful thing to live with because that is how you feel with all the gray cloud EVERYDAY. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. yes i don’t really “like” what i see here but was and am amused by it. and i really should be doing some “work” right now, but

    and NO, although i sense we might have maybe jes’ a liddl bit of spiritual?kindredness, i won’t “follow” you mostly because you already have more than 1250 more followers than i have.

    so, there !

    1. Don’t worry…no one listens to my worthless advice anyway. Well, just Cyndi (my imaginary stalker), my Mom, and my cat Mr. Whiskers!

      1. yeah, i forgot to obsess and think about Cyndi. wish i had an imaginary stalker, yea, i get jealous of a lotta weird things, and i’m jealous of/and about your stalker …

      2. Hey, it takes a while but you’ll have an imaginary stalker soon! Cyndi is working on her own blog. The blog is about me but that’s to be expected.

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