Why Isn’t Nagging a Leadership Skill?

Do you want to be a better leader, boss, or parent? What about being a better spouse? Surely, you answered “yes.” But how? Turn to nagging!  Nagging is a time tested technique that is sure to shot you straight into the ranks of being an awesome person!

Some people might view nagging in a negative light. Those people are naysayer Losers! Nagging is a wonderful technique that brings the best out in the person you are nagging. Without you and your nagging, they would never get anything done. In fact, they would be simple losers that who would aimlessly drift through life unaware that they are lost souls.

Don’t forget to nag about things that are both big and small.  How will you perfect your nagging motivational technique if you don’t like the small things become big things? Make everything you do a nagging battle!

Some people say you should pick your battles…so make everything a battle. Need a new car? Mention how awful your current car is.  Talk about how old it is and how it doesn’t like to go up a big hill anymore. Or how it smells. Or how it has let itself go over the years you’ve been together.  Talk about how your friend just got a new car. Every time a car commercial comes on tv, have a discussion that that Honda dealership is having a sale and wouldn’t it be great to get a new car?  That’s some good nagging right there.

Is short term nagging better than long term nagging?

Hmm, that’s a good question. I think you should show everyone you care all the time. Nag for small items on a short term basis (remember EVERYTHING is a battle!) and large ticket items can be scretched into months or years of nagging!

Action Step: Find something you can nag about tomorrow! You can nag your kids, spouse, coworker, or an employee. Practice those nagging skills right now! Don’t delay!

Enjoy your nagging!

3 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Nagging a Leadership Skill?

    1. Oh, I know that feeling. I recently retired from being a Scoutmaster and had to go camping with Boy Scouts. The smell isn’t bad until you are in the van driving home with the windows rolled up. Yuck!

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