How to Foil the T-Shirt Thief: Decoy Shirts

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I have a T-shirt thief in my house; my T-shirts have become her pajamas and I only get to see my old friends as I do the laundry.  However, I have a clever plan to foil this T-Shirt thief.  Well, more like limit the shirts she decides to use.  I have a decoy drawer of shirts!  To give you a little history of men and their love for T-Shirts, I have two drawers of T-shirts (Tee Shirts).  Why two drawers? I have two drawers because everyone knows men NEVER throw their T-shirts away.  Unlike my worthless advice, my T-shirts never become worthless.  If a man does get rid of a T-shirt, it is clearly a mistake or an accidental lapse of sanity.  Who isn’t insane with your T-shirt collection is in consent danger of being stolen?

Keeping that in mind, I put all of my least favorite shirts in the top drawer and move my nicer shirts to the bottom drawer.  We won’t talk about the other stack of T-Shirts in my closet; those are back up T-Shirts and we don’t need to talk about those.  Then there is the guest closet with the T-shirts that I only wear during the winter months because clearly they are used underneath my sweaters.  Those T-shirts aren’t allowed to mingle with the summer T-shirts.  Everyone knows Summer T-shirts have sarcastic sayings so you can express your brand of humor to the world and show everyone how clever you are.

Now, I have my T-Shirts in two drawers which allows the thief to use my least favorite shirts as pajamas.  She ALWAYS gets the T-shirts from the top drawer, thus never accessing the bottom T-shirt drawer.  So the good T-shirts go in the bottom drawer.  She gets to use some of my T-Shirts and I get to keep my favorites hidden away in a safe location.  It’s a fair deal, right?

Organizational Tip: Instead of stacking your T-shirts one on top of another, put them sideways in your drawer.  This way you can see the different colors of shirts quickly.

Another Tip: Always organize your shirt drawer by color.  All the red shirts go together, blues, greens, etc.

I think I failed to make this a worthless advice blog post with those two awesome tips.  Oh well….

Is it better to listen to people who have failed or have succeeded?

Is it better to listen to a person that has failed numerous times? Or is it perhaps better to listen to the people who have succeed?

What is your defintion of success? Walt Disney failed a number of times but people still view him as a success. What about Abraham  Lincoln?  He ran for public office and failed a lot. Who would have guess he would become our 16th President?

What about relationship and marriage advice? Does the person with five marriages have better advice than the person with only marriage? Does it matter if the marriage is only five years old or 50 years old?

I don’t profess to know all the answers (heck, if I did then this wouldn’t be a worthless blog advice). However, if you think about it, don’t we know all the answers to the questions we ask ourselves? Isn’t that what a therapist would say to you? Wouldn’t they say that you know that you need to do?  We all know “what we need to do” in our lives. We know we should plan better, drink less, focus more, be more considerate, be a better spouse, be a more skillful lover, and a more compassionate parent.

How do we find success? Do we read some article in the latest Parenting Magazine about how we should balance our social and economical lives?  But the reality is, we know that the balance will always be unbalanced. It will never be an easy balance. There isn’t a simple formula that tells you the proper balance between your work life and your personal social life.  However, maybe, just maybe you will know what you need to do to bring inner peace to your life.

So get out there and enjoy your life. Answer your own questions. Do the right thing.