Is it better to listen to people who have failed or have succeeded?

Is it better to listen to a person that has failed numerous times? Or is it perhaps better to listen to the people who have succeed?

What is your defintion of success? Walt Disney failed a number of times but people still view him as a success. What about Abraham  Lincoln?  He ran for public office and failed a lot. Who would have guess he would become our 16th President?

What about relationship and marriage advice? Does the person with five marriages have better advice than the person with only marriage? Does it matter if the marriage is only five years old or 50 years old?

I don’t profess to know all the answers (heck, if I did then this wouldn’t be a worthless blog advice). However, if you think about it, don’t we know all the answers to the questions we ask ourselves? Isn’t that what a therapist would say to you? Wouldn’t they say that you know that you need to do?  We all know “what we need to do” in our lives. We know we should plan better, drink less, focus more, be more considerate, be a better spouse, be a more skillful lover, and a more compassionate parent.

How do we find success? Do we read some article in the latest Parenting Magazine about how we should balance our social and economical lives?  But the reality is, we know that the balance will always be unbalanced. It will never be an easy balance. There isn’t a simple formula that tells you the proper balance between your work life and your personal social life.  However, maybe, just maybe you will know what you need to do to bring inner peace to your life.

So get out there and enjoy your life. Answer your own questions. Do the right thing.


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