Sometimes YOU are a Jerk and you do need to Change!

Here are two trains of thoughts-

1. People should accept you for WHO you are. You shouldn’t have to “change” for someone. Be Yourself!


2. You should work to improve yourself! Always be working to become better. Be a better person, smarter, more fit! Get out there and be more social! Seize the day!

Hmm, so we should change ourselves, right? But we shouldn’t change for others? 

If I didn’t change, I’d be living at home with my parents and asking what was for dinner tonight.  Hey, if that is your life goal (to live at home with your parents….follow those dreams!) but that’s just not for me. 

You should also change for people…especially your spouse. If you are a jerk, you need to change that. I do stupid stuff that makes my wife upset all the time. I do smart stuff that makes her upset but it is for the betterment of the family (so I’m not going to change).  She has told me what upsets her and I have made the change for the better. I’m not some insensitive dope who doesn’t want to get better.

Remember: “You don’t have to sick to get better!”

Now, there are times when I’m not going to change.  Not all of my advice is worthless advice.  I’m not going to stop working hard.  I’ll continue to a good parent.  I don’t give up because life is hard today. Stuff happens; you take a deep breath and move forward.  There are days when I feel overwhelmed but I don’t fall apart.

So if you are a pigheaded jerk, you should change. If you yell at the neighborhood kids because they are making “too much noise”, you should change. If you are afraid to travel, you definitely need to change. If you think you are better than everyone else, please, go ahead and change (and stop thinking like that….you are a nobody everyone hates).