Why wear sunglasses on a dark, cloudy day?

You know what drives me nuts?

People who wear their sunglasses on dark cloudy days.

Sure, I know you can have a bright cloudy day and need your sunglasses. You need your extremely cool sunglasses on bright sunny days; I get that.  I’m a photographer and I am aware of the amount of light I see every day.

No, I’m talking about dark, overcast, ready to pour down rain on you days. I’m talking about people who insist on wearing sunglasses regardless of how dark or light it is outside. I’m not talking about the old grandma types that need them because of cataracts. I’m talking about people who are old enough to know better but want to look “good” in their shades. They can be in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties, and they still insist on wearing sunglasses when they clearly don’t need them.

Granted, some people’s prescription eyewear does change with the amount of light that hits them but they have a free pass to wear them. They need them and they aren’t trying to be a model from a hip clothing line. It makes no sense to me. You look like an idiot and it seems to me that you are hiding something.   A little too many martinis at lunch today? That hit off the old meth pipe too much? You were crying because you realized your boyfriend was an ass and you should have dumped him three months like your friends told you to? Why wear the sunglasses? Why look like someone who is clearly an idiot?

Being from the Pacific Northwest region, we have over 200 days of cloudy weather. I understand you might want to wear the sunglasses but it makes no sense. Accept the fact you live here in a cloudy, rainy area of the world with no hope of sunshine except for two months out of the year. Get use to it. It is cloudy here most of the time and the weather is cold (40-50 F) most of the time. If it is 65 F and sunny, we are in heaven here!

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24 thoughts on “Why wear sunglasses on a dark, cloudy day?

  1. There’s only one reason to wear sunglasses when it’s dark outside. Or inside. Or when driving at night. It’s the same reason people wear fedoras and grow neckbeards. I’m talking about, of course, Internally Perceived Cool Factor (IPCF). This is also why some people roll down their windows when driving and crank their sound systems up to 10. The number of people who think that person is an idiot is about seven billion minus one. The number of people who think it’s actually cool is always exactly one. That’s pretty simple and irrefutable math.

    All of these examples are nature’s way of saying, “Don’t date me. If you do, then you deserve what you get.”

  2. Does this apply to 4 year olds? I know a young man who wears them everyday. He might be a superhero. Superheros can wear sunglasses, cant they?

    1. Only if they can bring me a nice beer as they wear the sunglasses. Does he wear them at night too? Maybe he already has a meth problem….

  3. The only time I DON’T wear my sunglasses is when it’s actually raining–not about to rain or overcast, I mean water falling from the sky. I also don’t wear them at night. It’s not that I think I’m cool, I’m just so used to them by now, I feel naked without them. I also live in NYC and ride the subway a lot, so even if it is a rainy day, my sunglasses are in my bag and go on as soon as I step into the train. I don’t want to make eye contact with anyone and if I happen to get a seat, I may want to close my eyes and I don’t like people watching me rest with my eyes shut in public. That’s just me.

  4. I wish I had developed the habit of wearing sunglasses, living in Oklahoma I believe I have developed a permenant squint, plus with sunglasses (i’m not cool enough to wear shades) I could people watch with being obvious………..and my wife wouldn’t know I had nodded off and actualy wasn’t reading.

  5. Thank you for sparking the conversation that led me to the self revelation that I have Internally Perceived Cool Factor (IPCF). I never knew what it was until now, just that I haven’t been ‘discovered’ for my genius, wit nor burgeoning fashion model appeal.

    1. Trust me, I understand. I want to wear my sunglasses all the time. Yet, when my headlights are on and it pouring down rain; I don’t wear them. I just can’t see anything and I have excellent eyesight. The only people that can wear them are blind hockey fans.

  6. I actually just encountered this the other day…I saw someone coming out of an OFFICE MEETING with their shades on. I was thinking, “Really, dude?? You think you look cool, but you’re trying waaaay too hard.” 😉

  7. Well I actually live in a part of Asia were rain is inevitable, but still I wear shades despite what weather it might be to protect my eyes. I have a very sensitive eyes. And I don’t care what others think as long as I am protected 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m quite delighted that you were able to figure out that this sarcastic post in a blog about Worthless Advice might give you a hint about my writing style and sense of humor.

  8. I don’t own a pair of sunglasses. I squint, Clint-Eastwood-like, into the sun’s eyes, scorching them with my bravado and machismo, and that sun re-retreats behind the clouds. Sorry about the remaining 160, more or less. Those are the days I let myself sleep in. Squinting from the bunker, DM

  9. Seriously I find the glare of an overcast day to be more bothersome than a bright sunny day. I have worn glasses for most of my life but recently switched to contacts allowing me to wear inexpensive sunglasses. For years those overcast days would give me a headache and I discovered sunglasses = no headache. Nothing to do with looking cool … given all the comments I get, I am perfectly aware people think it is dumb.

    1. I understand why you wear them on bright overcast days. I have no argument there. It’s those dark overcast days…so dark you know there is no “bright” overcast, the streetlights come on…and yet people still wear dark sunglasses. Why? Does that make sense? It’s too dark but they still wear their sunglasses.

  10. My response is.. if you have anxiety and there is certain aspects of your self you dislike..cover them. If it’s your dark circles around your eyes..wear sun glasses..if it’s a bold patch on your head..wear sun glasses. Make your self feel comfortable! Screw what other people think! Live for you! Never let people dictate your life

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