It’s a Thursday and I want my Weekend to Start now!

It is April and I have been too busy thinking of worthwhile advice to make any good worthless advice posts. It is a tough business thinking up worthless advice for my four followers to read about. Yes, I picked up a new follower today so I’m pretty sure I’m up to four people that follow me.

Now, Cyndi (my imaginary stalker) is by far my favorite. She loves everything I write and this does wonders for my fragile ego. Heck, I need all the pats on the back I can get. Blogging is a really tough gig, as you all know. My lack of posting on a regular doesn’t help to make my blog anymore popular either.

So I’ll be offering you the best worthless advice this coming month! Maybe we can talk about taxes, school photos, health insurance? What is more worthless than my advice (besides my travel tips)?

As always your comments are needed to keep my feelings from being hurt. Pretend you read me every day!

12 thoughts on “It’s a Thursday and I want my Weekend to Start now!

  1. I’ve read you every day so far! 🙂 Ok, here’s some worthless advice I need: What does a parent do on picture day when your 12 year old insists on not brushing his hair (ever) and wears the same torn collar, stained shirt to school that he wore on fall picture day? (The response will be doubly worthless, since picture day was yesterday…)

    1. Clearly that is a cry out to his parents that he doesn’t want to grow up! The same shirt? That means he will be a steward of the environment by using the resources he is given FOREVER! Think of the money that kid is saving you by not worrying about having fancy clothes or buying that extremely overpriced hairbrush. He sounds like a dream son! He is saving the planet and your household budget. I do hope he is at least taking a shower once in a while.

      1. Ah, good perspective. I wonder if his future girlfriend will agree…But, yes, he showers daily, and is an ideal son in all respects not having to do with his fondness of one shirt. Thanks! 😉

    1. Welcome back! I’ve been trying to keep track of my favorite bloggers (and followers). You always have witty stuff and awesome photos of wine on your blog. Can’t wait to read some more! I’m pretty sure you are in the top four at this point. Have a great evening!

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