Holidays: A Time to Be a Lazy Bum

I admire all the bloggers that can blog over the holidays.  I have no ambition during the winter break when my children are off from school.  All I feel like doing is watching TV or surfing the internet (I try to stay off Facebook) and wasting hours of my time.  I even like to troll through Craigslist looking for free items or photography equipment.  For me to think about writing and producing a blog entry worthy enough is an overwhelming task.  Thank goodness my blog is about worthless advice; everything I write about is worthless so I don’t have a standard to uphold.

Since I don’t have any standard to uphold, I can ramble on and on about all sorts of uninteresting things.  Let’s recap what I have and haven’t been doing.

Living in Seattle, we have lots of rain with the temperatures in the 40s degrees F which results in me not going outdoors much.  Sure I could rake up some branches or trim a bush but why bother?  It’s cold and wet outside.  I don’t want to be out there.  To think about it, I’m not looking forward to removing all the holiday lights either.

On a more positive note, I have been making progress in the garage cleaning department.  I still have a huge TV but I did manage to sell the fridge and the wine cooler fridge.  My son and I are building him a TV stand with a shelf for his various gaming consoles and games to reside in.  While it probably would have been much simpler and easier to buy a TV stand from IKEA or Mor’s Furniture, we actually have been having fun building this project.  Currently, it is primed and is ready for the classic black spray paint to be applied.

Finally, the house is in a pretty clean state of affairs due to the fact that we hosted all of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our home and we had to keep it clean.  If we didn’t keep it clean, it would be an overwhelming mess and I would be writing this from my car or the library.  That is the good thing about the holidays, it forces us to keep the house in a clean “less cluttered than normal” status.

The worthless advice lesson for today is: Wear your Pajamas all day long and relax!

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