You don’t disappoint me; my own choices in life have already done that.

Yes, we all make poor choices once in a while (or everyday for some of you dear readers).   Maybe you picked up that stray cat and it peed all over your new carpet; not a good choice.  Perhaps, you forgot to order flowers for your spouse on an anniversary; again not a good choice.  Just remember that your choices are the ones you made for a reason that seemed (at the moment) to be the correct decison.  They may have seemed logical to you at the time because of the situation you were faced with, however when you look back at them, you realize it wasn’t really it was a good choice.

Please remember: You can’t beat yourself up for those poor choices you made.  Sure, it wasn’t a good idea to marry that motor cross biker from Florida (because it turned out he was a big kid at heart and would never support you). Perhaps you should have given it a little more thought when you bet your plane ticket money at the roulette table and now you’ll be missing your mom’s fourth marriage to a guy named Phil (who likes to party because he’s old, but not dead yet).

You can also regret the choice that your spouse is “finding himself” by listening to the latest podcast of a self-help guru named JuWanka.  Sure, JuWanka was a failed used car salesman from Tacoma, Washington but maybe selling cars wasn’t his true calling and that being a self-help guru is his true calling. And if you think about it, if you can sell an used car, you can probably sell some self-help crap to people as well. (Oops, there goes my career as a self-help guru).

Now, we all know we have some disappointments and regrets in our lives. I regret having jalapeñoa on my burger last night.  Yet these disappointments help to shape and mold our characters. No one’s life is easy (except for maybe Donald Trump), and we become better people because of the failures and knowledge we gain from our life experiences.

So as I eat my double chocolate ice cream this evening, I can tell you that you aren’t a disappointment. Life has given you the disappointments, you just need to learn from them.

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