Which is worse? Adult Coloring Books or Watching Reality TV?

One has to wonder…which is worse?  The insane trend of Adult Coloring Books OR watching Reality TV? Neither one is a new concept, but both waste a great deal of time.

Coloring Books:

Sure, some people claim it is very relaxing filling in a pattern with color pens. You know, stuff you use to do in 1st grade when your teacher needed some quiet time to nurse her hangover from a very raunchy weekend. Is the coloring the relaxing part? Or is the wine you are consuming as you are coloring that pretty butterfly (made by some 10 year old Indian artist) that makes it relaxing?

Reality TV:

My boring suburban life isn’t exciting enough so watching rich asses get into verbal fights is what really fulfills my day.  To be honest (because I’ve been lying to you all the various times before…I have to stop saying that..anyway….), I enjoy the insane swimming pool contractor show and the fix and flip shows. I can’t stand the “Southern Charm” shows or any of the “Housewives of _______” shows.  Just ridiculous characters thrown together with staged fights so I can think “what the hell am I watching??” 

 Thanks for reading and commenting on this post. I’m off to read a book (not a coloring book).

Social Media: Why your Wife Hates You!

Social Media…isn’t it so darn fun? Old folks are the only ones that use Facebook (don’t worry; I’m in that “old folks” category) so I’ve been told by the younger and hipper folks.  I guess Twitter and Instragram is where everyone else hangs out.  Nothing like writing short posts and showing off selfies to get the party started, right?

Then you have the bloggers who write a lot of something blogs that no one reads. At least my blog posts are read by my cat Mr. Whiskers and my imaginary stalker Cyndi.

What is one to do with all these competing platforms to express oneself?   Certainly even belly dancing would be a better hobby than adult coloring books.