Quick! Too Much Information is Never Enough!

TMI & TMS: Too Much Information & Too Much Sharing

Did you hear about the first time mother Ruth Iorio that used Twitter and Instagram to document the birth of her first child?

It does sound like a start of joke but of course it’s not.  Supposedly her photos and the Twitter feed went viral on the internet.  She might not have been the first one to do it but she is the first one I’ve heard about.  There has to be a couple hundred YouTube videos of births so what is the big deal?

Maybe it was a slow news day.  I discovered the story when I watched a short video news report on the ABC News website.  It was a simple slideshow of her photos and they never interviewed her.

I did watch her being interviewed on another news program and she just seemed to wanted to document the event with her photographer husband.  Not a big deal; I know other people who have recorded the birth of their children but they didn’t tweet about it as it happened.  I don’t mind learning about the birth of your child; I just don’t need all the details in (somewhat) real time.  I certainly don’t need to see the photos either.  A simple after the fact tweet of “It’s a boy, his name is Nye, and he was born at 2:41 pm today!” will work for me.  Heck, throw in a photo of your son while you are at it.

Perhaps she just wanted to share the birth with a few of her Twitter friends and family.  At first it was just them and then they just happen to share the link with another friend, then another, until it was all over the internet.

However, it has inspired me to share more.  I plan to tweet about the next time I clip my toenails so you better sign up for my Twitter feed now!  You don’t want to miss that!

A special “Thanks” to fellow blogger Honey Did You See That! Whom gave me the idea about TMS and TMI:  Too Much Sharing and Too Much Information blog post today.

4 thoughts on “Quick! Too Much Information is Never Enough!

  1. Ha! Ha! No change that to Ak! Ak! That’s gross. Thanks for the shout out!! Last week a woman shared with me the details of her last campsite. Said it was awesome. Etc. Etc. Except when a guy stepped outside his RV to commit suicide. Dear God!

  2. This seems to be the time of TMI and TMS, because of Twitter and Facebook and blogging, of course. We bloggers must be careful to share what is relevant to our readers, not all that is irrelevant. Harder to distinguish these days with people passing out videos of all kinds of private ‘stuff.’ Ah, for the more simple times when we all just chatted around the campfire, huh?

    1. Yes, I agree. That is one reason my blog is called Worthless Advice! You can read it or not but it can’t be worth anything….or maybe it is priceless? The advice is worth more than you know. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments!

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