How to Make Your Husband feel Bad about having a Blog

The other day, my wife pointed out that one of her classmates from high school was a writer and had a blog.  She mentioned that I should read it because it was not like my blog, that it was “uplifting”.  Ouch!

She also told me she doesn’t read my blog.  Double Ouch!

I enjoy mentioning this story to everyone I know because it is an excellent example of when your best client might not be your friends and family.

Certainly, some of your best clients will be people you know such as friends and family members.  However, most likely your best customers will be people who are not related to you but respect you because you do an awesome job.  They somehow discover that you are more than a stick in the mud and will get the job done and will make them happy.

My wife informed me years ago that she wouldn’t work for me because she says I’m too intense.  That doesn’t hurt my feelings in the least bit.  I also know she doesn’t do the best job for me as she could do.  She does an awesome job for everyone else but me.  What is the difference?  Why do I get average business support?

Marriage is the difference.  I know if I screw up, my wife loves me no matter what.  I also know that if I’m late, she might be mad but in the end, she loves me and knows that me being late isn’t that big of a deal.  Again, I know she’ll be pissed off but in the end she loves me.  And when she makes a mistake, I know that I can tease her about it for years to come.  We both know that that after 17 years of marriage, this is what you get.  Baby, if you wanted to end it, then you should have done it a long time ago.

We complain about each other (of course she says she never says anything bad about me but I know she has a lot to complain about.  Seriously, she is married to me!).  Every couple has there ups and downs and we are no different than any other normal couple.  If a couple says they have no problems, they are lying or one of the members is a dishrag.  Everyone has disagreements.  Claiming you get along all the time is you denying who you really are.  You are a liar.

Oh, did I hurt your feelings with that last statement?  Good.  Come to grips with reality.  If you love someone, they make a mistake, it happens.  Forgive them and move on.  If your life as a couple is so awful, then it is time to move on.  Cut your losses.

I read a lot of different types of blogs.  And if you were a good foller you’d know this, right?  I follow blogs that range  from ex-spouse horror stories, to dating horror stories of twenty somethings, to miniature horse advice stories (seriously…now that is some good stuff!).  If you want to become a great writer, you need to read a wide variety of different stories, blogs, novels, to know what is god writing and what is really bad.

Keep in mind, that I’m not a great writer or a marriage/couples counselor so my advice might be labeled as “worthless advice”.  Or perhaps it is advice that is so true to your heart you just don’t want to listen to it?

So if you were reading this blog for some worthless advice then I probably failed you greatly.  If you read this blog because I write about the truth, then you should be delighted with the reading experience.  The knowledge I have bestowed on you should keep you going for years (or at least days) to come.

As always, your comments are welcome as long as I love them.  Who are we kidding?  I’m a whore for comments….keep them coming and hit that “LIKE” button too!  Make me feel important and prove my wife that I do have some followers besides Cyndi my Imaginary Stalker!


11 thoughts on “How to Make Your Husband feel Bad about having a Blog

  1. Imaginary stalkers are great! they come in handy for a few laughs when driving. You point out the window and say: there they are now! and know they cant be seen expect by you. I don’t mind it that my wife doesn’t read my blog. She understands I am weird, creative, and like to share a lot and show off. I occasionally read her my latest blog, she smiles, nods, and I am thankful she loves me despite how odd and goofy I am

  2. Few of my family read my blog, either. I know this because when my blog gets mentioned, the excuse comes up: “I know you told me the URL, but I don’t remember what it is” which doesn’t work when the answer is the same as one’s last name. Ah well. Talking to strangers on the Internet is more fun, anyway.

    1. Family? I am like their worst enemy. They hide when they see me coming. I can’t but help say, “Have you read my latest?” One family member says they only read it when it’s about them!! WT??

      1. I think you have a hook to improve your readership with your family: insert statements about family members in unrelated posts, ensuring that they read everything to parse out all the bits that are about them.

      2. Do you really want your family reading your blog? My wife claimed to have read my latest blog entry last night. I really don’t mind if she doesn’t read it. It is much more enjoyable when our friends and relatives comment about how much they love my blog. Ah, that is praise in itself.

  3. I am glad I am not alone. Only one member of my large extended family reads mine, I think it is funny that strangers find me more interesting than my family. I agree with you about reading a large variety on blogs. I don’t do it to be a better writer but just because they are interesting glimpses into people.

  4. My wife reads mine occasionally but only because it comes up in her email. I have way more devoted and better followers than her, because they haven’t heard all my lame jokes over and over again. Actually they probably have by now. So bitter!

    1. My wife claims not to read it so that I can do “my thing”. However my followers tell her how much they love my blog and then she reads it. You have to love a Catch 22. And I agree, my followers are much more devoted that she is. Heck, she is stuck with me!

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