Want to Know a Secret?

Hey, you want to know a secret?  I’m actually a pretty positive guy.  I actually believe things are getting better and you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it.

Whoa, what happened to Mr. Sarcastic?  Has he been killed by aliens and replaced?

If you think about it, I haven’t changed.  I still like to believe that the future will be a good one.  I still like to believe that people will change for the better.  And I still like to believe that we are put on this Earth to help others.

Yet, I am a realist.  I know that some people will never change, they are evil, and something is wrong with them.

I’ve currently been reading about a serial killer in the 1890s, who went by the name of Henry. H. Holmes.  The book is titled “Devil in the White City” written by Erik Larson.  This is my second book I’m reading about Holmes.  However, it comes with the added bonus of being a book about the creation of the 1893 World’s Fair called the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.  The book goes back and forth between the men and women who carried out the planning, and building of the World’s Fair, and the serial killer Henry H. Holmes.

Side note: The other book I read recently was “The Scarlet Mansion” written by Allan W. Eckert and where I first found out about Henry H. Holmes and his “castle” of murder in Chicago.

Honestly, this Henry H. Holmes killed people for fun and profit.  Now, I really don’t think that this Holmes would ever change for the better.  Am I a bad person for thinking this?  Is being a realist going to make me less of a positive person?

Or am I really a positive person that knows that some people are capable of positive changes and others are incapable of changing for the better?  Some people are evil and will never change.  This reality does exist.  For those of us that are good, this is sometimes a hard reality to accept.  We want to believe people can change, that they have some good in them.  However, there are psychopaths and sociopaths that make the world unsafe.  There are people that can not help but lie.  There is mental illness that can not be cured no matter what.  There are people that are pure evil.

I would argue that with pure evil people you also have the opposite type of people that are pure goodness.  They think only of others and put others before themselves.  That makes them happy and fulfills their lives.  I admire this trait and their ability to see the good in others.  Does a person who believes only in the good in people know that there are pure evil individuals among us?  Do they know that some people will never change?

Overall, I understand that most people tend to be honest and decent individuals.  I want to trust and believe in others.  I want to have faith that the world is moving towards being better for future generations.