Crazy Teacher Night- Spanish Teacher Introduction

Bueno Dias!  Ya, that’s about it for my knowledge of Spanish.  But for some reason, my son’s Spanish teacher thought she should give her Parent’s Night speech in 80% Spanish and 20% English which equals 100% Annoying!  Now, I admire someone who wants to flaunt their foreign language ability as much as the next guy, however, I would like to understand what the heck you (the teacher) are saying.  Really, when I’m in your classroom (wasting my time), listening to you rambling on in Spanish, I’d like to know what the hell you are saying.  If I wanted to listen to an all Spanish dialogue, I’d flip on one of the many Spanish cable channels. (On a side note, why are the Spanish actresses so hot looking?)

Most of the other parents present,  were just as confused as myself, no doubt thinking that perhaps they were suppose to be fluent in Spanish BEFORE their child took her class.  Maybe they should know spanish so they could understand what she was yelling at us about.  (Why do Spanish teachers always seem like they are yelling?)

I’m was only in her class to see her grading system and how much percentage she allotted to homework points (grade) versus quiz and test points.  However, since most of her speech was in Spanish, I really don’t know what my son will be learning (besides Spanish…I hope).  I’m still not sure how she grades.  Maybe after I become fluent in Spanish, I can ask her.

There was a Question & Answer session at the end of the class period, and it took all my sarcastic willpower to not ask a question in German.  I just want to ask her ANYTHING in German, then when she said she didn’t speech German and didn’t understand, I could say “Exactly. You don’t speak German, I don’t speak Spanish, but we both speak English. Perhaps next time you could speak English and all of us could understand you.”

But I didn’t because I’m trying not to be “that” parent.  You know the parent that the teacher (and everyone else) hates.  And because the teacher hates the parent, the student gets a bad grade and the teacher acts like a jerk to kid.  My poor son has enough problems dealing with me, he doesn’t need a pain in the ass Spanish teacher bugging him as well.

So I bit my tongue and rolled my eyes in a passive aggressive way.  Then I decided to blog about it and express myself so my three followers know how upset I am.  I’m sure Cyndi (my imaginary stalker), my mom, and Mr. Whiskers are equally upset.

Enjoy your Friday! 


7 thoughts on “Crazy Teacher Night- Spanish Teacher Introduction

  1. Mr. Whiskers and I are equally outraged. I’m a teacher myself (high school), and “Back to School Night” is such a frustrating and largely pointless effort in the first place, I figure we might as well make it useful and informative for the parents who *actually* show up. Sorry for your experience, but only a little bit, since it generated yet another hilarious entry.

    1. I agree. I have high school teacher friends and I hear some of the nonsense they have to go through. I attend Parent Night so the teachers know I care. My son isn’t a bad student so I don’t really need to go but I do. Thanks for your comment!

  2. You see, I would not have been as courteous. There is a fine line between being “that” parent and making parent night a win-win exchange. I’d have rapid-fired her with questions and comment in Japanese. (I don’t speak German). And then made the obvious point in English. Maybe there would have even been a standing ovation from the other parents.

  3. Kevin, I was SO outraged when I read this last week, I took the liberty of creating an e-mail account that looks suspiciously like your name, (I LOVE that Comcast lets us have – like 7 e-mail accounts?) and e-mailed the teacher. Now, in the e-mail I never said I WAS you.. but I never said I wasn’t. I’m pretty sure my point was made, and next year when my son is in her class, I’ll let you know if it made a difference after the Parent’s Night speech. Need to run, because I want to use “your” new e-mail account to make comments on a bunch of political hate sites. ~ Adiós

    1. Thanks, I’m glad my name was able to help out in this situation. Did I mention that the Spanish teacher is a redhead? Since my wife is a redhead, I can say she is a nut case…wait…my wife or the Spanish teacher…hmmm

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