Oh Man, Where are the Followers and What Do They Read?

The other day I was reading a blog posting about how one of the bloggers I follow on WordPress just got his 11,000th follower on his blog.  In July 2013, he only had 6,000.  He wrote a brief “success” blog about how and what he did to reach 11,000 followers.

I am a bit jealous of his success. In his humble opinion, he isn’t the world’s best writer or blogger. His blog is so poorly written it is hard to read and gives me a headache.  I want to take my red ink pen out and correct it like a murderer/slasher on a 1990’s flick.  A lot of his problems are due to the run on sentences, bad sentence structure, and terrible grammar.

Yet, he has some great stories and 11,000 followers so I can pretty much suck it, right?  I have measly 400 or 500 followers so I really can’t say how to build up a huge following, can I?  Of course, my blog is built on Worthless Advice so maybe I’m killing myself and my blog?  He spins his tales like a drunken sailor (his description of himself) and people love it.  Imagine what he could do with a ghost writer living on Kauai?

What is the secret to his success?  He uses a bunch of tags that the magic internet search engine spiders love and brings in his type of readers (followers).  Even if his blog post has nothing to do with those tags, he still uses the same tags and categories over and over again.  Now, I’m not sure he is making money online but he has written a book and has self published it.

Oh, and a lot of his terms are about sex, crime, and drugs.  His life experiences are downright scary.  So we do know what the general public is looking for, don’t we?  And I don’t have anything against others blogging and writing exactly what they want to write.  I admire anyone willing to throw themselves out there and open themselves and their writing up for the world to see.

Your thoughts and comments?

4 thoughts on “Oh Man, Where are the Followers and What Do They Read?

  1. I will follow you just for posting this:) Good points, and I would second that little red pen, lol. Sex, crime, and drugs – all things that much of the human race is drawn to, of course, BUT!! There is so much more:)

    1. Hook! Most of his success came from using sex and porn tags. Since my worthless advice blog does talk about my scouting adventures, I’m a little hesitate to sell out to gain followers.

  2. Wow. I am right on your page with these types of bloggers. 11,000 followers? Same tags on each blog regardless of the current blog topic? Terrible writing? Sex and porn tags? Hmmmmm…….I know, it’s crazy. I refuse to follow that method of gaining followers, i.e., writing about and/or tagging sex, drugs, and violence. If I even have no followers on my mundane daily life or creative poetry/short stories, it wouldn’t bug me. I do like your blog tremendously; it’s refreshing!

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