Toilet Paper Rolls

Sometimes I make the mistake of finding myself in the downstairs bathroom in my home.  Now most readers of my blog (well, the two readers that actually read my blog) are probably wondering why I’d be saying that being in a bathroom would be a mistake?  I write this because this bathroom is used and maintained by KOTS (King of the Slackers).

As you can imagine that KOTS isn’t Marta Stewart of housecleaning, or cleanliness in general, when it comes to keeping his room or the downstairs bathroom clean.    His bathroom is a cesspool of wet towels, dirty clothes, and toilets that are never flushed.  Yes, one can become weak in the knees entering this bathroom of doom.

On one such occasion, I found myself going in the downstairs bathroom only to discover that toilet paper roll was empty.  Not a big deal except a half roll of new toilet paper was sitting on the counter next to the toilet.  Now, a lot of homes have this situation yet it baffles me.  If you are sitting on the toilet, doing your business, how hard is it to change out the empty toilet roll and put in the brand new roll?  I mean, you really can’t go anywhere and the empty roll needs to be replaced.  Why not used some of your time to multi-task and get two tasks done in one sitting?  Is it that hard to re-focus for just a small fraction of your time and change out the empty roll for a new one?

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