Power Cord update

So it has been a while since I’ve managed to contribute to my blog.  Sadly, this is because of my lack of a power cord for my laptop.  As the two of you who actually read my blog know, my power cord was destroyed by our favorite slacker, KOTS.  That was the third and last power cord in the house for the laptops.

One would imagine that it wouldn’t be a difficult task to get a power cord yet it turned into a major chore.  Now, a few months later and $79.99 later, I’m proud to announce that I have a power cord.  And KOTS paid for it!  Just kidding!  KOTS actually pay for something?  Oh please!

Everyday items in our home have a habit of disappearing and ended up in KOTS bedroom.  I noticed our water glasses have an annoying habit of gathering in KOTS’ bedroom.  They are often joined by bowls and spoons and various amounts of candy bar wrappers, power bar wrappers, soda cans, bank statements…have you seen the new show on A & E called “Hoarders”?  This is what KOTS’ room looks like.

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