Yet another power cord blog? Are you kidding me?

Can you believe I am writing yet again about my laptop power cord?  You’d think we would never have to see another blog about my power cord, yet here we are again!

The other morning (after I had purchase my new power cord), I came out to living room to work on my laptop.  Sadly, I found it without the power cord attached.

I know you have to be saying to yourself “What the hell are you talking about?”  What idiot in his right mind would take your power cord?  Oh please, can we only guess who I’d like to instill the wrath of Kevin?

After my recent threats of kicking KOTS (King of the Slackers) out of the house….of my continued discussion of how I never wanted him to look at my power cord much less touch it, KOTS takes my flipping power cord!

Being the kind and understanding individual, I turned on all the bedroom lights in his room, told KOTS I’d kill him if he touched my cord (again) and clearly stated that is not to touch any of my things ever again.

Now some people might criticize me and say I overreacted.  One could argue that point until I introduce them to KOTS’ bedroom and bathroom and enlighten them to the numerous stories of KOTS misguided thinking.  KOTS has gone thru four power cords and I had to purchase a fifth power cord to get my laptop to work.  Now, what is wrong with this last sentence I just wrote?

One, KOTS has gone thru four power cords.  Two, he hasn’t paid to replace any of them.  Three, I had to buy my own replacement cord, and fourth, he took my power cord again!

What do you think would have happen to my poor little power cord?  It would have died a sad lonely death!  It would have been broken and been worthless!  I save it and myself from more misery.  Now ask yourself, did I overreact?  Did I become the monster or did I become a savior?

KOTS gets a JOB!!!

KOTS gets a job?

As the two of you who actually read my blog know, we are in the one the worst economical times we have lived in the past 26 years.  King Of The Slackers (KOTS) supposedly has been looking (really, really hard dude!) for a job since February of this year with not an ounce of success.

I understand how depressing it can be to be unemployed…not having any money…always asking your parents for money…well, I can’t really understand it because I worked full time and went to college full time at his age but I can pretend to understand.  I decided that we need to help him out by asking all of our friends, family, associates if they knew anyone that was hiring.  Perhaps we can help him get a job and help establish himself as a productive member of society.

Our friends mentioned that their nephew ran the Kentucky Fried Chicken in West Seattle and maybe he was hiring.  They called him and inquired about any job openings.  Sadly, he didn’t have any at that particular moment, however, if KOTS could come out, he’d interview him and ask around to see if any of the other KFC restaurants were hiring.  Great news!  A step closer to some kind of job…except that KOTS decided that driving 15 miles is just too far to go for the prospect of actually getting a job.

Yes, dear readers, I was a bit upset that he didn’t rush right over there in his car that happens to be filled with gas that I paid for.  Heaven forbid, that he try to get a job, any job, and become a tiny wee bit independent from his parents.

All of this happened about two months ago at the time of this writing.  Meanwhile, KOTS continued his supposed “job search” during this time.  Then another stroke of luck come about…our friends’ nephew was given a new KFC restaurant and it was located roughly three miles from our home!  Perhaps this would be another chance for KOTS.

Again, our friends ask their nephew to give KOTS a chance and he does.  KOTS goes in for an interview and he hires KOTS!

It gets better!  KOTS is given a busy schedule of working Monday thru Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.  He has to drive all the way to Lakewood (South Tacoma area) for training one day but we are happy because he has a job and he won’t be asking us for money!

Two weeks later, KOTS’ mommy decides to stop by KFC to check on dear old KOTS.  She asks if he is working in the back and comes to discover he hasn’t come to work for the past two weeks!

Now what lame excuse did he use?  Does it really matter?  KOTS had a job but couldn’t step up to the plate and actually work.  He is scared to grow up.  At least that’s what he told us.  Really?  You are scared to grow up?  You are 19…it’s time to stop being a baby and man up!

So now old baby cakes was given another chance and is supposedly training…strangely his manager hasn’t showered him with lots of hours as a reward for lying to him.  Go figure!

So KOTS continues to tip toe thru life…..

Toilet Paper Rolls

Sometimes I make the mistake of finding myself in the downstairs bathroom in my home.  Now most readers of my blog (well, the two readers that actually read my blog) are probably wondering why I’d be saying that being in a bathroom would be a mistake?  I write this because this bathroom is used and maintained by KOTS (King of the Slackers).

As you can imagine that KOTS isn’t Marta Stewart of housecleaning, or cleanliness in general, when it comes to keeping his room or the downstairs bathroom clean.    His bathroom is a cesspool of wet towels, dirty clothes, and toilets that are never flushed.  Yes, one can become weak in the knees entering this bathroom of doom.

On one such occasion, I found myself going in the downstairs bathroom only to discover that toilet paper roll was empty.  Not a big deal except a half roll of new toilet paper was sitting on the counter next to the toilet.  Now, a lot of homes have this situation yet it baffles me.  If you are sitting on the toilet, doing your business, how hard is it to change out the empty toilet roll and put in the brand new roll?  I mean, you really can’t go anywhere and the empty roll needs to be replaced.  Why not used some of your time to multi-task and get two tasks done in one sitting?  Is it that hard to re-focus for just a small fraction of your time and change out the empty roll for a new one?