Slacking is hard to do!

Recently, Cyndi (my imaginary stalker…remember every “real” blogger has a stalker) commented that I’m not keeping up with my blog as much as I should.  One of the problems I’ve run into is that my power cord to my laptop has died and writing my blog has becoming an insurmountable task.  Now, I have to go down to my office and write on my desktop instead of wasting my life in front of my TV and writing a blog (that no one besides Cyndi reads).

Now, I did have a power cord that work until KOTS (King of the Slackers) got a hold of it.  One day, I was looking at my laptop and noticed that it wasn’t plugged in.  Strange, I thought because I know I plugged it in last night…

One can only guess that my power cord had wandered off to KOTS’ (King of the Slacker’s) bedroom.  Why the hell did it end up there?  KOTS informed me that his power cord doesn’t work anymore.  And why is this my problem, I wondered?  His original power cord doesn’t work so he was using Angie’s laptop power cord.  Now, his second power cord wasn’t working.  So KOTS has gone thru two power cords and is working on destroying my laptop’s power cord.  I see a pattern developing here….

Now, hold on.  KOTS can’t possible possess the ability to ruin things, can he?  Let’s review the evidence….

His original power cord…doesn’t work.

The power cord to Angie’s laptop….doesn’t work.

My laptop power cord…after he used it…doesn’t work.

And to top it off…his cell phone power cord doesn’t work either!  That’s four power cords he has man handled and now they don’t work.  What the hell he does with them is beyond me.  How can you mess up four power cords so that they don’t work?

Yet, KOTS assures me that he’ll buy new power cords for all of us…with what money?  Don’t you need a job to make money to purchase things?

Speaking of the job search…KOTS did manage to work a few days at Labor Ready.  They weren’t full days (baby steps people, baby steps…) yet it was a beginning.  However, KOTS has quickly forgotten that you must actually go to Labor Ready everyday if you want to actually work. 

Now, mind you, today KOTS’ mommy had to drive his sorry (almost) 19 year old ass to the dentist for phase one of his filling in the seven (7) cavities he has.  On Wednesday he’ll do the second appointment to fill in the rest.  Seven cavities!  Has he never heard of a toothbrush?  Where does all the toothpaste I buy go?  What about all the fluoride mouthwash?  Is it just expensive drain cleaner for the bathroom?

This morning, KOTS put up the biggest cry fest you can imagine about going to the dentist.  It was like dealing with a two year old.  He even claimed to have a “job interview” at a sandwich shop at 9 am in the hopes his mommy would cancel the appointment for him.

I think it is time for him to put his big boy pants on and be a tough little man!  I was told to refrain from that type of comment (hmmm, a little bit sarcastic?) when speaking with KOTS.  Only six more years until he turns 25 (that’s the average age boys move out of their mommy and daddy’s home).  Keep in mind that is an average age meaning some poor person (like me) has a kid that lives in the home for longer to bring that average up!

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