Behold, the Rain is Here!

Whoa. What a Crazy Weather Weekend…

We are definitely back into the dark, deary days of fall here in the Pacific Northwest. It is 8:18 am here on Monday morning and seems a bit more dark than normal. You just know that today, you’ll be turning on all the lights inside the house to keep your depression at bay. Maybe you’ll be lucky and commute to your vacant office, where you and your spider friend, Ralph will discuss the GDP and stock market over a cup of morning coffee.

Watching the weather report this morning didn’t help either anyone’s mood. All the local news stations agree that this week is going to be rainstorm after rainstorm, following by another weather system bringing more rain. What does that mean? It means you’ll never see the sun again.

By now, you should have all of your rain gear out of summer storage. The rain boots are no doubt clean from all the rain we’ve had over the past 72 hours. The only person I know who won’t be getting out his rain gear is my jerk friend who moved to Arizona two years ago. I’m sure he will post a nice photo of gorgeous sunshine, filtering through his palm trees and bouncing off the water of his swimming pool. No one needs your desert oasis photos, ok?

Wind? Sure, we have that coming too. We even had lightning hit one of our ferries and knock it out of commission. Add that to your morning commute across Puget Sound on a miserable rainy day! Did I mention it was raining?

The good news, we have all been here before and we’ll survive it. Good luck on your Monday adventures.

2 thoughts on “Behold, the Rain is Here!

  1. I was just debating this morning when I will need to pull out my sun lamp. I think I still have a few weeks, but I dread the upcoming darkness. You’re right though, we will survive it, but man it would be nice to be able to travel to a sunny beach!

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