Pandemic Christmas, New Year’s Resolutions, and More!

You would think that I (as an amazing blogger, writer, photographer, handyman, life coach, etc.) would have accomplished so much over the past 8-9 months since the COVID pandemic has started. Together, we have been enduring the COVID pandemic since March. And right now, as I look back, reflect, remember and analyze my choices, I really just think “Oops…I wasted some time over the past 9 months!”

Then, from the bottomless pit of despair, I remember that I did manage to read a lot of good books (Thanks e-readers) and my custom hot tub is operational (but not complete). You can’t win them all but at least I can now read a book in my hot tub.

Let’s look back at what I didn’t do, shall we? I didn’t rebuild my photography website, I didn’t shop for Christmas gifts, and I didn’t learn a new language. But again, I did enjoy the good summer weather, and I squeezed in some safe travel. I personally like social distancing because I hate people. I don’t hate them in an evil Bond villain way…I just dislike crowds. So the less people I see, the better. Makes me sound like a Grinch, doesn’t it?

Photo by ExposureToday from Pixabay

So now we have come down to Christmas and I didn’t do any shopping. Luckily, my wife took over those duties a great many years ago. I have to thank her for that. I hate buying presents unless someone has told me what to buy. Thank goodness for gift cards.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

“Dreams are just goals without a deadline.”

This would be a great time to reflect on what I can do in 2021. I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions because that would be simply ridiculous. Everyone knows that I’d fail at that simple assignment. My commitment to you and myself: No New Year’s Resolutions for Me! However, that won’t stop me from making resolutions for YOU to follow. I mean, look at you. You are a mess and definitely need my life coach skills.

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Christmas, New Year’s Resolutions, and More!

  1. First of all if you dont remember i am your life coach, I have a e. reader as well but cant read it in your tub cause i havent been invited. My resulution to you is get the damn ramp built for me for tub access. You are busy but always check in on the seniors on your street. Gift cards for veterans are always good.

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