I’m sorry, did I interrupt your whining?

Sure, it is now fall and summer is dead and gone. Throw the last scoop of dirt on this summer; it is gone and buried. Now I know I’m a little late on complaining about summer being dead but we did have a nice September. And since I am unemployed at the moment (since March due to COVID), I keep wearing tee shirts and shorts and forgetting what day it is. Heck, I don’t even season it is or month or year it is.

Luckily, my neighbor mention Halloween and trick-or-treaters so we must be in October.

All of this won’t keep me from whining about losing summer. The deck chairs are put away, the cushions are moved to the storage shed to hang out with the spiders, and the deck will most likely be wet and miserable for the next nine months of Seattle rain. Oh joy.

We also pulled the boat out of the water and got it back on the trailer. We winterized and have it stored in the garage. We are all sad now. Even the ducks and the seagulls that like to poop on the boat are sad. Just a sad end to summer.

What would you like to whine about today?