Death of a Blogger

Death of a Blogger…..

I follow a lot of different blogs for various important reasons (that you clearly wouldn’t understand).  Some of them are funny, others are annoying, a few are informative, and the last ones are just blogs that I enjoy the writing style and the thoughts of the author.  My WordPress Reader always offers something exciting and new most evenings.  I get multiple blog post updates in my email inbox daily (which is a whole other issue for our next therapy session).

However, one thing I don’t know much about is the death of a blogger.  All of the suddenly I’ll have a craving for a certain blog and I’ll go to that blog only to discover it is gone.  It doesn’t exist.  I’m left hollow and empty.  I think to myself (most because I’m the only person that actually listens to me) “Is  it my fault they are gone?  Did I not offer enough of my worthless advice to them to keep them motivated?  Did I not write enough for them and they lost their inspiration?”

Alas, it is an extremely tough burden to carry when you inspire an imaginary stalker and your mother to keep reading your blog for guidance.  What if I wasn’t posting enough and that is why that blogger gave up?  I mean, I let them down and their blog is no more, gone, shut down, lying in the dust of the internet desert of shifting trends and topics.  The front page isn’t even their last entry; it is merely an uncaring generic WordPress page stating that the blog no longer exists.

I really want you to understand is that you can come to me first before you eliminate your blog.  I want you to let me know, if you plan to kill your blog.  If you think your creativity has died, perhaps your life isn’t crazy or insane enough, maybe your ten cats have left you for the neighbor with the endless supply of tuna (albacore not the crappy dark meat stuff),  or your latest quilting project didn’t work out (I love the fruit coasters), you can drop me an email and I’ll help keep you going.  Heck, I’ll even do a guest post on your blog so you have some content (worthless advice but content nevertheless).  That is the kind of self serving kind of worthless advice dispensing, fake therapist/writer/self help guru I am.

Keep the comments coming on my worthless advice blog posts.  I need the ego post so my blog doesn’t shut down in a fit of rage or a big sissy crying fest.  Either one would be most unpleasant and cause undue stress to my already fragile ego.  So click the “Like” button and then go a step further and leave a witty comment.  Oh, and leave your website link and I’ll link it back to your blog so you feel loved.

13 thoughts on “Death of a Blogger

  1. This is worst advice you have ever given! If your looking for Pizza, I still have my bedazzler, and choose to redefine myself. Kinda like David Bowie. Changes, face the strange changes

    1. I’m so glad you have that bedazzler still! At least we can keep you employed with the various bedazzling projects available throughout the world. Have bedazzler….will travel.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I get a little worried when I don’t get post updates from some of my favorite follows-what happened? It wasn’t me, was it? I know sometimes I get discouraged when I read all the fantastic, funny, poignant writing and here I am whining and moaning about something lame like my pasta salad turned out watery or I couldn’t have a hot dog because I can’t eat them anymore because…actually that IS a bitch…no hotdogs. sigh…god…my life sucks sometimes. But if I ever quit it’ll just be because of all the GOOD writing. Jealously and bitterness is a great non-motivater. I’ll make sure to come to you first and give you a heads up.

    1. I wonder if they make fake hot dogs? Not veggie dog fake, I mean like a bedazzled hot dog that I could put on my plate and just have it there like a garnish. I carry that everywhere.

      1. Man, a bedazzler hot dog…sounds like dinner to me! Maybe you could have a be known as the Bedazzler Hot Dog Queen?

    2. Thanks….I’ll keep you motivated when you need it. I can even send my Imaginary Stalker Cyndi over to your blog if you need it. I sometimes worry that would be a bad thing because some people do have bad stalking experiences. Of course if you are on Facebook or writing a blog, you probably want to be found.

  3. I’m with you. I wonder what would happen if I actually died. What would happen to my followers!? Would they even notice that I’m gone. Hmmm. Maybe I sign up for one of those “My Last Post” services. . . Or maybe start a company if there isn’t one for blogs. 🙂

    1. You should start a company and retire early! I always wondered what happens to the bloggers that just close the blog down. Maybe they are getting a new job and are worried about their comments??

  4. Kevin, you are killing me. I almost died laughing! I love your stuff–please keep it coming. You are still an inspiration to so many don’t let the death of a blogger weigh you down. With every death comes a rebirth….(I am huge believe in reincarnation) and for those who have been on the fence about writing…maybe this is what they need to throw caution to the wind–and just blast something into the universe. In fact, I feel something brewing as we speak!

    1. Sorry, I took so long to reply. I am just wondering what happened to those bloggers I use to follow. I enjoyed their writing and personal stories. And they commented on my blog once in a while so there goes some of my best fans…

  5. One of my blogs died 3 years ago, and 1 more last october I think.. the funny thing when I discovered that they exist – I was very surprised, because I didn’t know I have blogs there, and I totally forgot their names. I know, sounds awful..but I am like that. If Im starting something new – I can totally forget about old stuff. How I’ve discovered I have two blogs? LOL I opened my old mail address because I bought a new phone ../i keep same passwords everywhere so it was easy/ and there I saw it – notifications from my old blog. I mean…how it even possible I forgot I have them? But I did. Yeah…

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