Kevin the Dream Killer

If you have a dream, a fantasy, a misguided belief in yourself (or others), then welcome to the demise of those dreams.  Allow me to kill those dreams, those dreams that you hold so precious in your heart; the ones you keep only to yourself because you know others will laugh at you.

We all have them….a dream of becoming a famous writer, an actor, a movie star.  To own a big yacht, a private tropical island, and eat whatever we want.

The truth is that most of us won’t live our dreams….boo hoo.  Isn’t that sad?  What about all those self help gurus talking about “if you can visualize it, you can do it!”?

They lied to you.  I’m not here to lie to you….I’m merely here to kill your dreams.  Is it really a dream or a self damaging fantasy you cling to as an excuse for your own shortcomings?

Let’s be realistic, shall we?  You are at your present stage in your life because of the choices you made.  You might not have wanted to be working in your career path but you are.  You thought you would have written a great novel by now but you haven’t.  You wish you were a multimillionaire but you aren’t.  Are these things you can change?

Sure, you could change them…but you won’t.  Instead you’ll complain how you don’t have enough time in the day to get your work done, you need to do this or that, you weren’t lucky in life, your family was poor, your parents didn’t love you, and your cat moved to the neighbor’s house.

You don’t need me to kill your dreams.  You have already done it yourself.  You have chosen to visualize your life exactly where it is at.  It is your destiny.  I don’t have to kill your dreams; you’ve done it already.  But to be fair, I’d love to kill them.  I’d love to throw them under the bus of life and watch the wheels crush them.  I’d love to see the horror of the people on the sidewalk see your dreams being crushed under those huge uncaring bus tires.

Where would you be when your dreams are dying?  You are one of the many passengers on the bus going along on a bus ride you don’t like.  You are sitting there calmly, looking at your IPod, listening to some song (that has nothing to do with your future) and wondering to yourself, why the bus has stopped?

The bus has stopped because you allowed Kevin to kill your dreams!  But did I really kill them?  Or did I merely point out to you that your dreams are dead underneath the bus’ tires?

Am I the cause of your failures?  The cause of the death of your dreams?  Can you honestly blame a blogger in another part of the world for killing your dreams?

So send over your dreams and I’ll kill them for you.  You can then blame your life on all the worthless advice I’ve given you over the past several years.  You know you’ll feel better when you come to terms with the death of your dreams.  And one day you’ll thank Kevin the Dream Killer and all his worthless advice.

6 thoughts on “Kevin the Dream Killer

    1. Of course, you can be on the Ellen DeGeneres show as a guest! Just don’t believe that sitting at home and having positive thoughts is going to get you there; you gotta take some action to get there! Purchase those airline tickets, book your hotel, and reserve your audience tickets. Being a guest up on stage might be harder so you should probably keep reading my blog for worthless advice on how to become an actual guest up there with Ellen.

      1. Let’s go back to marketing 301 at the University of Washington in the mid-1990s…what is your Unique Selling Position (USP)? Why would Ellen want you on her show? What makes you unique (besides reading my blog on worthless advice)? (On a side note, a big warm welcome to you being a regular reader behind my mom and my imaginary stalker Cyndi). On another side note, my wife doesn’t even read my blog…jeez, talk about being unloved…hmm, maybe Ellen would find that interesting enough to invite me on stage?

  1. My dreams are killed Kevin. Bravo. I feel all smushy inside. But wait! this is all reverse psychology! isn’t it?!? you kill my dreams, NO! I kill my dreams! No! Mrs Marple killed my dreams in the study with a wrench! Its clue! You have left me no other route except to seek out more worthless advice

    1. I always think Mr. Green did it in the library with the rope especially since he looks like me (well, at least on the cover of the old CLUE game box). But you are right, I did kill your dreams by forcing you to look at that dream and realize you never had a dream. See? Confusing, isn’t it? later on, we’ll talk about goal setting and dreams….man, that outta be a good one!

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