Sleeping Pills: Not Just For Overworked Mommies Anymore!

I was reading the Miami Herald today and they had an article about a teacher named Debbie Gratz at Northern California preschool that is accused of doping her students.  She was just released from jail after being charged with Child Endangerment.  According to court records a colleague reported seeing her drop an unknown substance into the children’s juice cups.

I’m sure she is just an overworked employee that just needed her kids to have a little down time.  Those toddlers are always on the go and it takes a lot of energy to keep up with them.  Why should you do your job that you are being paid to do?  Isn’t watching the children sleep the same thing as teaching them?

Sure everyone needs a break once in a while.  And to her defense, it was only an Over-The-Counter (OTC) sleeping medication called “Sominex”.  Just because that stuff knocks my butt to sleep and I weigh 220 lbs, I’m sure a little 20-40 lb toddler will do fine with it.

That classroom must be a sleeping paradise during afternoon nap time.  I bet all the teachers were envious of her amazing ability to keep the children asleep for 6 hours straight.

I can hear her fellow teachers now….

‘I don’t know you do it, Debbie, but you are amazing with those children.  They sleep so quietly and never seem to wake up for anything: Lunch time, fire drills, recess, afternoon snack.  You are truly a miracle worker.”

Perhaps it might be a good idea for Debbie to step away from the preschool classroom and explore other career paths.  May I suggest dealing with the homeless?  They are usually self medicated saving you the trouble of slipping them a sleeping pill.  Or if she really wants a challenge she could buy beer and liquor for underaged drinkers outside of the local grocery stores.  Or maybe take up a chemistry career and start a meth lab out in the pine forest behind her house.  Now that is some great career

Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Pills: Not Just For Overworked Mommies Anymore!

  1. Awesome. We went away and left our kids with John’s parents. When we phoned at 7:00, his mom said we were too late to speak to them. Later, she showed us her little secret… sleeping pills..

  2. I am holding my sides I am laughing so much…and it’s so wrong! I despise what this teacher pulled and she’s lucky none of these kids had an adverse reaction. Child Endangerment is too weak a charge! But, on the other hand, I love how you wrote about it! Great job, Kevin, as usual!

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