Yes, it is my fault: A pumpkin patch adventure

This afternoon we actually had some good weather here in the Seattle area so we headed off to the pumpkin patch.  Well, it was us and 30,000 other families.  The first pumpkin patch was pretty muddy (go figure we are in the very wet Pacific Northwest).  As we drove through three huge mud puddles in the parking lot,  in my car (I knew we should have taken my wife’s car), we decided to avoid the mudfest and go to the other pumpkin patch.

Is one muddy field less muddy than another?  Probably not.  Just another misguided notion that one field is less muddy for no logically reason.

We went to Carpinito’s which was the same pumpkin patch that we went last year.  On a side note, my children insist that we got our pumpkins from the local grocery store and not a pumpkin patch.  I think we went to pumpkin patch, not the local grocery store.  We’ll agree to disagree but let’s agree that I’m right…as usual.

Upon our arrival we had to park in the overflow parking which should tell us that is already crowded.  I quickly grabbed the first parking spot (located near the exit).  I like to know where all the nearest exits are…just like on an airplane.  I gave the clear instructions to pick small pumpkins because we needed to pick them out and then carry them all the way back to the car.  The car which is located in one of the furthest parking spots possible.  Walking with a 33 pound pumpkin ten feet is ok, walking half a mile is quite a bit harder.  Add in a muddy field and it gets all the more fun for the family!

As we are walking through the muddy field, my family is quick to point out it was muddy.  Yeah, of course it was muddy; it’s a pumpkin patch.  Because it is muddy, that is why I wore my rubber boots.  However, my family didn’t.  Who’s fault is that?  From what my family says…it is my fault.  Earlier in the day, they all walked by me as I was putting my boots on, I should have instructed my family to put their boots on.  We were going to a pumpkin patch, it will probably be muddy due to all the recent rain, and it is a real field (which involves dirt and mud).

Needless to say, we got the pumpkins with bit of mud on our shoes.  Of course, my daughter likes to pick out a heavy pumpkin (which I had to carry).  The pumpkin weigh station is at one end of the field, our car is at the other side, so I ended up walking from one end of the field to the other side of the field with a heavy pumpkin, and then back through the same field to my car. Yes, the car parked as far away as possible because in my great planning thought I should be near the exit.   The two points (weigh station and my car) being as far apart as we could possibly make them.

We made it safely back to the car, no one fell in the mud, and the pumpkins weren’t dropped.  Overall, a successful pumpkin adventure.

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