Road Trips: Support the Adventure

I have this misguided romantic notion that road trips are fun and enjoyable.  The perfect songs will always be playing, the roads will be dry, the rest areas clean, the weather sunny, and the kids won’t be fighting.

In reality, I usually have road construction to deal with, multiple car pileups on the interstate, missed exits, kids bickering, and a bathroom break every few miles.  Sometimes, I get the dog puking in the back for an added wonderful aroma.

Luckily, my road trips do seem to work out.  I find that listening to audio books make the trip very enjoyable.  The drive is fun and the adventure of the open road beckons one to keep going a little bit further.

This brings me back to my crazy idea to drive across the United States next summer.  I’d like to drive down from Seattle along the Oregon Coast, continue on down the California coast, and then make a huge left turn towards Nevada and Arizona.  Most likely continue onwards to Texas and the Gulf Coast states and make my way to Florida.

After Florida, head up the East Coast, stop by NYC to see my cousin, maybe drive up into the wee areas of the northeastern part of the United States for some clam chowder.  I’d like to make my way back to Seattle via the Great Lakes States.  Some places I’d rather avoid or wiz by.

For accommodations, I imagine camping (because the weather would always be great) and staying in clean hotels (with fresh chocolate mints on my pillow).

That is my road trip plan.  10,000 miles and a lot of nights on the road.

As always your comments, monetary gifts, and questions are always welcome!