Small Town Dreams

Small Town Fantasy

A few days ago, I wrote about my road trip dream. Another dream I have is living in a small town. I have this idea that living in a small town would somehow be really cool. A place where everyone knows your name and everyone is friendly. I’d have a nice little gentleman’s ranch (or farm) and a huge garage/shop to do my projects in. My nearest neighbors are a good half a mile away (because I like my privacy).

I’d have a nice landscaped yard with a farmhouse. Maybe some chickens in the chicken coop producing a few eggs for my farm. A nice vegetable garden and some fruit trees so I can make my own fruit preserves.

In reality, it would probably be fairly dull and boring because I’m lazy. I don’t like to mow my lawn (that’s why I have kids), I hate weeding, and I can’t grow any vegetables. I haven’t a clue how to can a peach or make jam (but that is what the internet is for, right?). And I really don’t want to have the responsibility of chickens. That seems like work to me. My farm would be boring because I wouldn’t be doing anything.

This isn’t to say that my life in the suburbs isn’t currently boring. I’d just swap the boring life of the suburbs for the boring life of the rural countryside. Sure, you have your choice of grocery stores to visit and activities to do here in the suburbs. But is it that much different than living in a small town? You watch the same TV shows, you surf the same internet, and your car is using the same fuel. You might have more restaurant choices but do you really go out that much anyway? Do you try new restaurants now? Most likely, you eat the same food and meals when you first moved to your current home. Let’s face it, going out to Applebee’s isn’t that exciting.

However, I wouldn’t mind moving to a small town and accepting my introvert nature. A small town is more appealing to an introvert person like me. Hence my strong desire to move to a small town.

In my next blog entry, we’ll learn about my urban living dream.

Road Trips: Support the Adventure

I have this misguided romantic notion that road trips are fun and enjoyable.  The perfect songs will always be playing, the roads will be dry, the rest areas clean, the weather sunny, and the kids won’t be fighting.

In reality, I usually have road construction to deal with, multiple car pileups on the interstate, missed exits, kids bickering, and a bathroom break every few miles.  Sometimes, I get the dog puking in the back for an added wonderful aroma.

Luckily, my road trips do seem to work out.  I find that listening to audio books make the trip very enjoyable.  The drive is fun and the adventure of the open road beckons one to keep going a little bit further.

This brings me back to my crazy idea to drive across the United States next summer.  I’d like to drive down from Seattle along the Oregon Coast, continue on down the California coast, and then make a huge left turn towards Nevada and Arizona.  Most likely continue onwards to Texas and the Gulf Coast states and make my way to Florida.

After Florida, head up the East Coast, stop by NYC to see my cousin, maybe drive up into the wee areas of the northeastern part of the United States for some clam chowder.  I’d like to make my way back to Seattle via the Great Lakes States.  Some places I’d rather avoid or wiz by.

For accommodations, I imagine camping (because the weather would always be great) and staying in clean hotels (with fresh chocolate mints on my pillow).

That is my road trip plan.  10,000 miles and a lot of nights on the road.

As always your comments, monetary gifts, and questions are always welcome!



Yes, it is my fault: A pumpkin patch adventure

This afternoon we actually had some good weather here in the Seattle area so we headed off to the pumpkin patch.  Well, it was us and 30,000 other families.  The first pumpkin patch was pretty muddy (go figure we are in the very wet Pacific Northwest).  As we drove through three huge mud puddles in the parking lot,  in my car (I knew we should have taken my wife’s car), we decided to avoid the mudfest and go to the other pumpkin patch.

Is one muddy field less muddy than another?  Probably not.  Just another misguided notion that one field is less muddy for no logically reason.

We went to Carpinito’s which was the same pumpkin patch that we went last year.  On a side note, my children insist that we got our pumpkins from the local grocery store and not a pumpkin patch.  I think we went to pumpkin patch, not the local grocery store.  We’ll agree to disagree but let’s agree that I’m right…as usual.

Upon our arrival we had to park in the overflow parking which should tell us that is already crowded.  I quickly grabbed the first parking spot (located near the exit).  I like to know where all the nearest exits are…just like on an airplane.  I gave the clear instructions to pick small pumpkins because we needed to pick them out and then carry them all the way back to the car.  The car which is located in one of the furthest parking spots possible.  Walking with a 33 pound pumpkin ten feet is ok, walking half a mile is quite a bit harder.  Add in a muddy field and it gets all the more fun for the family!

As we are walking through the muddy field, my family is quick to point out it was muddy.  Yeah, of course it was muddy; it’s a pumpkin patch.  Because it is muddy, that is why I wore my rubber boots.  However, my family didn’t.  Who’s fault is that?  From what my family says…it is my fault.  Earlier in the day, they all walked by me as I was putting my boots on, I should have instructed my family to put their boots on.  We were going to a pumpkin patch, it will probably be muddy due to all the recent rain, and it is a real field (which involves dirt and mud).

Needless to say, we got the pumpkins with bit of mud on our shoes.  Of course, my daughter likes to pick out a heavy pumpkin (which I had to carry).  The pumpkin weigh station is at one end of the field, our car is at the other side, so I ended up walking from one end of the field to the other side of the field with a heavy pumpkin, and then back through the same field to my car. Yes, the car parked as far away as possible because in my great planning thought I should be near the exit.   The two points (weigh station and my car) being as far apart as we could possibly make them.

We made it safely back to the car, no one fell in the mud, and the pumpkins weren’t dropped.  Overall, a successful pumpkin adventure.

Halloween is just around the corner!

Halloween is really a week or so away from today. Now, our family doesn’t go over the top on decorations but we have some good stuff out on display. Usually, we forget about an upcoming holiday until half way through the month. In this example, we finally rolled out the Halloween decorations last weekend (October 15). Again, the month was already being half over.

I like holidays but I don’t like the work involved in them. The work being me digging out the various decorations from their hiding places under the stairs, out in the storage shack, etc. My son is very good at setting them up but not as well as helping taking them down. That particularly fun job ends up with me.

Christmas is one of the worst. We have lots of holiday lights and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I keep trying to clean out the worthless light sets but they always seem to come back. I also don’t enjoy the task of climbing up onto the roof and stringing the lights along the gutter.

Some people would say “skip the gutter” and that would be the same thing as saying “my house is the loser house in the neighborhood”. My neighbor likes to keep that title to himself (and his wife). He and his wife never put up lights so they look like the Grinch’s and they act like it too. Let’s say that I can’t wait for that “For Sale” sign to appear in their front yard.

As always your comments and feelings are welcome!

Back to Blogging!

Today I received an email from an old friend about how she had just started her own blog. It made me realize that I need to get on the ball and start writing again. She had some wonderful comments about my blog and how I inspired her. You can imagine my head was getting pretty big at this point. I was worried it would fall on my keyboard and delete my files but here I am, back to blogging.

Seriously, it did make me realize that I probably don’t do enough writing as I should. I seem to have enough time to watch TV but not enough time to write. Hmmm, that seems out of balance. I have made an attempt to do more multi-tasking such as fold laundry while watching TV but usually I forget those silly housekeeping tasks until after my show is over.

So I must say a big “Thanks!” to my friend and her email today! If you are interested, please feel free to read her blog at

In the meantime, I’ll think of some great blog topics, forget to write them down, and end up watching TV until 1:39 in the morning.

As always your comments, monetary gifts, and questions are always welcome!

Heck, if you can't make fun of yourself...who can you make fun of?

The Cold Shoulder Tactic

The Cold Shoulder Tactic

I always find it amusing that people like to give me the cold shoulder when they clearly have a problem with me. They assume that it will bother me when in reality it doesn’t me at all. I have friends and fellow parents that like me. I don’t need a whack job to like me. In fact, I accept it as a challenge to my good nature to annoy them by being super nice to them. By being super nice, I can create doubt in their mind on whether or not the cold shoulder tactic really works for them.

Life is way too short for me to worry about whether some half brained adult doesn’t like me because I disagree with them. The world is full of different personalities with different thoughts and ideas. We all have to get along with them even if they are totally nuts.

One of my favorite sayings and philosophy beliefs is to “kill them with kindness”. No matter how much they try to ignore me, I just am super nice to them. It drives them nuts. How can you be mad at someone for being nice?

A couple of mothers from our former Brownie troop probably don’t like the fact I started my own troop. Well, they probably don’t mind that I left except for the fact that four of the seven girls are in my troop now. That is more of a leadership issue in my opinion. I didn’t ask them to leave; they decide to join our troop because of my leadership style.

And to be honest, I’m really a lot more fun than the other leader. I have also extended the olive branch a couple of different times with the suggestion of one of my friends. I’m always nice and polite to the other leader and her daughter. It just wasn’t a good fit for my daughter to be in her troop.

The other mother (from the old troop) who doesn’t talk to me left the troop as well. However, I think she was mad because I didn’t invite her and her daughter. I didn’t invite anyone. Everyone knew I was leaving…where did they think I was going to go? I didn’t ask anyone to join us. The scouts and parents that left the old troop wanted to join us because we are the fun troop. (Seriously, we are fun)

However, this mother never says hi to us or acknowledges us. That is a bit annoying since we see her at school and walk home in the same area. Pretty petty behavior for a grown adult to partake in. I say “hello” to her daughter and I’m nice to both her and her daughter. I guess she is just too good for the rest of us.

Busy As a Bee!

Busy as a Bee

We are halfway into our busy school photography season where I work 60-70 hour weeks and take on an extra amount of personal projects I should probably not do. I also put other household chores on the backburner (such as laundry). Luckily for me, my clothes are very boring. I wear the “Dad Uniform”. The “Dad Uniform” being the khaki slacks (or Dockers style colors of grey, olive green, tan) and a long sleeve button down dress shirt.

My button down shirts are also boring in colors….lots of blue. Ooooo…I added a purple shirt to my collection the other day…what a rebel. Lots of dress shirts with vertical styles too! Be still my beating heart. A fashion diva I’m not.

And I actually shave everyday during this time of year. No more three or four day bread growth for me. I have to look presentable. Yuck….