The Cold Shoulder Tactic

The Cold Shoulder Tactic

I always find it amusing that people like to give me the cold shoulder when they clearly have a problem with me. They assume that it will bother me when in reality it doesn’t me at all. I have friends and fellow parents that like me. I don’t need a whack job to like me. In fact, I accept it as a challenge to my good nature to annoy them by being super nice to them. By being super nice, I can create doubt in their mind on whether or not the cold shoulder tactic really works for them.

Life is way too short for me to worry about whether some half brained adult doesn’t like me because I disagree with them. The world is full of different personalities with different thoughts and ideas. We all have to get along with them even if they are totally nuts.

One of my favorite sayings and philosophy beliefs is to “kill them with kindness”. No matter how much they try to ignore me, I just am super nice to them. It drives them nuts. How can you be mad at someone for being nice?

A couple of mothers from our former Brownie troop probably don’t like the fact I started my own troop. Well, they probably don’t mind that I left except for the fact that four of the seven girls are in my troop now. That is more of a leadership issue in my opinion. I didn’t ask them to leave; they decide to join our troop because of my leadership style.

And to be honest, I’m really a lot more fun than the other leader. I have also extended the olive branch a couple of different times with the suggestion of one of my friends. I’m always nice and polite to the other leader and her daughter. It just wasn’t a good fit for my daughter to be in her troop.

The other mother (from the old troop) who doesn’t talk to me left the troop as well. However, I think she was mad because I didn’t invite her and her daughter. I didn’t invite anyone. Everyone knew I was leaving…where did they think I was going to go? I didn’t ask anyone to join us. The scouts and parents that left the old troop wanted to join us because we are the fun troop. (Seriously, we are fun)

However, this mother never says hi to us or acknowledges us. That is a bit annoying since we see her at school and walk home in the same area. Pretty petty behavior for a grown adult to partake in. I say “hello” to her daughter and I’m nice to both her and her daughter. I guess she is just too good for the rest of us.

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