Renton Honda, Extended Service Warranty Plans and why they both suck!

Renton Honda sucks!

I would have to admit that this is one of my more passionate blogs because it deals with a very distasteful experience I had with Renton Honda (which sucks).  In fact, after reading about my experience I hope that you’ll become a wiser person from my mistake.  I would put this up as one of my Top Ten Stupid Car Mistakes.  So dear reader, please read, learn, and become a better consumer from the lesson I am about to share with you about Renton Honda (which sucks).

 Our car lease for our 2008 Honda Pilot VP was coming up at the end of February 2011.  My wife and I had discuss about keeping the car but decided against it.  We went out and purchased a used Toyota Highlander with cash and now have no payments.  Since our lease wasn’t due until February, we decided to ask Renton Honda (which sucks) if they’d be willing to take the Pilot back early.

 I met with the Used Sales Manager; he gave me the song and dance about the car being worth this much, etc, etc.  It really didn’t matter to me at this point because I was going to turn it in February anyway.  I was ready for them to jerk me around but if they didn’t and I could turn the Pilot in early, then that would be a good thing.  If I can save four months of lease payments, I’m happy!  If not, I’ll enjoy the car for a few more months.  We decide to take their offer, turn the car in early, and save the four months of lease payments and car insurance.

 Then my wife reminds me that we are going to get the extended warranty plan refunded back to us in full.  Or so we thought.  Yes, dear readers, this is where my Top Ten Stupid Car Mistakes comes in.  Back when we first leased this brand new 2008 Honda Pilot VP model from Renton Honda (which sucks), we were pressured into purchasing the extended service warranty for $1500.00.  What?  Are you crazy, Kevin?  You did what?  Is Kevin losing his ability to sniff out bullshit?  You must be asking yourself these questions, right?  Kevin the Eagle Scout, the University of Washington Business School graduate got sucked into an extended service warranty?  What has the world come to? 

Yes, I was the big sucker that day.  Actually, I did resist the pressure cooker sales tactics for a while.  The finance manager (aka The Closer) pressured us into this extend service warranty contract with the promise that if we never used it, we’d get it all back in full.  I clearly remember stating to him that Hondas are great cars, why would I need this?

 His answer, again, was that if we never used it, we’d get all of our money back at the end of our lease.  Then comes the scare tatics….but what if the transmission goes out or the brakes screw up…you are as the lessee have to cover that.  Hmmmm.  That’s not a bad deal then for the extended warranty now is it?  If I don’t use it, I get all of my $1500.00 back when I return the car after the three year lease is up.  Sure, I’m not earning interest on my $1500.00, however if something does go wrong, I’ll be covered.  It’s my wife’s car for work…I want her and her business clients to be safe…I’ll do it BECAUSE I’ll get all of my money back, right?  Yes, that is correct.  That is what I was told by the Renton Honda’s (which sucks) Finance Manager when I was signing the lease papers for a three year lease from Renton Honda (which sucks).  I was buying peace of mind and security for my family.

Flash forward to present day…we return the Pilot to Renton Honda (which sucks) and discuss with the new finance manager about getting our money back for the extended warranty.  Sure, we’ll get it back AFTER they pro-rate our plan.  Say what?  Excuse me?  You said pro-rate?  Why pro-rate?  Is it because we are turning in the car four months early?  Oh no.  The extended warranty plan is a five year plan and you need to keep the Honda Pilot for five years for you to get all of your money back.  What?  Are you serious? 

Why in the world would I purchase a five year warranty for a car I planned to keep for three years?  Does that make any sense at all?  Do I look like a complete moron and I can’t see that five years is longer than three years?  Is 5 years > 3 years?  Gee, I think it is.  So, three years ago, I was a complete idiot and couldn’t figure that out? 

No, I was lied to and cheated by Renton Honda (which sucks) because they used a classic scam (their extended service warranty plan) and they told me was such a great deal.  If I don’t use it, I’ll get all of my money back.  That is what I was told.  Well, that is not the case, is it?  I’m not getting all of money back, am I?  Nope.  Instead I’m getting cheated out of my full $1500.00 because I was lied to by Renton Honda (which sucks).  They are giving me back $646 because of the mileage on my car (it has 33,873 miles and we were allowed 12,000 miles per year).  We are right on target for the lease agreement so why am I not getting all of my money back? 

I lived up to my end of the agreement.  I fully insured the car, I did the oil changes, I kept the mileage on target for the lease agreement and I’m getting screwed over by Renton Honda (which sucks).

Did I mention that Renton Honda sucks?

Am I upset?  YES!  I’m very upset that I was lied to and taken advantage of.  I was told to my face that if I didn’t use the extended warranty service plan I would get it all back at the end of my lease.  Why would anyone with any decent ethics sell me a service product that had a five year requirement when they fully knew ahead of time I’d be returning the car in three years?  It is because they are dishonest and have no ethics.  Renton Honda (which sucks) is full of liars, cheats, and thieves.  I will never do business with them and hope you learn from my lesson.

16 thoughts on “Renton Honda, Extended Service Warranty Plans and why they both suck!

  1. I hate the retail car business more than anything! This would be a huge shock to anyone that has ever met me. Why you might ask? Because I have been in it for 10 years! My whole adult working life has been spent in this industry. I worked my way up from a lot attendent, sales person, finance manager, to general manager. I chose to stay in this industry for the same reason that many people go to a job that they hate. MONEY…. The problem that I find with your blog is that you claim to have been educated from the University of Washington with a business degree and didn’t read the contract that you signed? Why would you sign a contract you didn’t understand?

    1. Bob, I totally agree with you. I took what the “honest” finance manager told me as the truth when I asked him “So if I don’t use this after I finish the lease, I’ll get all of my money back, right?” When the answer was “yes”, I believed him! That was pretty damn stupid on my part for trusting and believing him, wasn’t it? I mean really, I didn’t understand it, I asked for clarification, I got an answer (not a honest one) and then based my decision on faulty data. That was pretty stupid. Thanks for your comment. I do appreciate your reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I wish you the best in your career as long as it is an honest one.

  2. Haven’t we all been hooked at least once or twice in life for failure to read the fine print? Yes, myself included. Mine was an unknown change in Washington State Law that cost me $600.00 for not filling out a simple on-line form.

    1. At this point, I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m still waiting for my partial refund on my extended warranty service contract. $646 instead of the full $1500.00 I was promised by the Renton Honda Sucks Finance closer! Lousy pack of liars!

    1. Hmm, perhaps it might be worth the stop on my way to the San Juan Islands, right? Thanks for your unbiased comment!

  3. Um… I’ve never seen an extended warranty that worked in the buyer’s favor — on cars, appliances, electronics or anything else. They’re stacked against you. Even if you buy one at what you think is a reasonable price, just try filing a claim and see what creative loopholes they pull out to deny you. The fine print you sign at closing is deliberately obtuse and unreadable. Never buy one. Put your fingers in your ears for the duration of the pitch (during which the sales folk, who five minutes ago were extolling the reliability and general excellence of the object you’re buying, suddenly warn you it could explode or crumble at any moment… ridiculous).

    It’s a known fact that most consumer goods that have a major failure do it within the manufactuers’ warranty period.

  4. You have my sympathy.There is only one warranty I’ve ever seen that made sense.I buy affordable”cheap” tools from Harbor Freight that sometimes expire before they should.For a fee of $11 or $12 I get a replacement warranty that actually works.I get the tool replaced ,without any problem.As far as cars go,I buy cars listed on craigslist with no warranty ,pay cash and when it wears out repeat the cycle.Good luck,I enjoyed reading your blog and commend you for publishing it.
    Al Larabee

    1. Thanks Al for your comments and post. I usually skip the extended warranty sales pitch but I was told I’d get it all back. I was stupid and I have no problem admitting it. Hopefully, others will learn from my stupid, expensive mistake.

  5. I am in the car business and I did get my business degree from the UW as well. I am surprised that you bought an extended warranty while leasing the car! One of the primary reasons for leasing is having the car during the time that the ORIGINAL FULL FACTORY WARRANTY is in place, which comes with the vehicle whether leased or purchased. 3years 36,000 miles, and it covers anything that may go wrong beyond the obvious wear items like brakes and tires. I am a firm believer in the value of extended warranties but they are exactly that, an extension of the factory warranty after the original expires. I am discusted that RENTON HONDA (which sucks) lied and cheated you out of the 1500 dollars because that makes the rest of us car guys look bad. I hope you raise a big stink over this and if you should go to the General Manager and owner of the store, and if they push back call Honda of America to force Renton Honda make this lie right. GOOD LUCK.

    1. Well, it is pretty much established that I’m an idiot and that is why I got the extended warranty. I also asked if I purchased the extended warranty, didn’t use it, would I get my money back…and I was told “yes”. I fully admit I’m a dumb ass about that part. Thanks for your comments and taking the time to write to me.

  6. Wow, I cant imagine them selling an extended warranty on a lease car….I am currently leasing a car, and don’t recall any attempt to sell an extended warranty, and the car I am leasing tends to have more problems than some. The car started to have a screeching noise as I was leaving downtown Seattle, and I was afraid to drive it. They came and hauled the car on a flatbed to the dealer in Fife, and found some debris in the wheel……they did not attempt to charge me or anything. A wonderful experience from a car dealer, although I felt like an idiot. You have been flagellated enough but most cars these days go way over a hundred thousand miles before having a problem, but admittedly when they do have a problem it is costly.

    1. Thanks for writing. Yes, Renton Honda laid it on thick for the extended warranty purchase and I fell for it. I’ve had three other Hondas before and had good experience with the reliability. This was my first lease and they scared me by saying if it breaks, it might not be covered and gave me a doomsday scenario. I admit I’m a dumbass and believed them. I also believed them when they said I’d get all my money back when I returned the car if I didn’t use it. I hope I don’t come across as a whiner, I just want someone to learn from my stupidity.

      Again, thanks for writing and taking the time to comment!

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