Kauai Weddings

It has been a long time since I’ve been back home to visit my parents on Kauai.  They run a small wedding service that specializes with helping you prepare your wedding on Kauai.  Their website is www.kauaiweddings.com

As you can imagine, the economy on Kauai (and the State of Hawaii) isn’t the best right now.  Tourism is down and the County of Kauai is attempting to put the small Mom and Pop vacation rentals out of business.  They seem to think that all tourists should stay in a large hotel complex.  This is killing the small, independent owner operators that run cute guest cottages and bed and breakfast units.

If you are thinking of a vacation trip to Kauai (or perhaps you are thinking of getting married on Kauai), then take the time to visit www.kauaiweddings.com

As always….mahalo (thank you) for reading my post!

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