Your own worst bathroom nightmare!

Ok, it has been way too long that I’ve submitted my two fans to my blog and I’m sorry about that.  I could give you all the stupid excuses…I’m busy at work, my kids are taking up all my time, I really like watching Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, etc.

A few of you have been asking about KOTS.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but KOTS was asked to leave the house by my dear wife.  Sadly, this was very tough for her to do but it was understandable.  KOTS brought it on himself with his lack of respect and his lying.

So my lack of writing about KOTS has been caused by two reasons: 1) It’s a sad situation and 2) He isn’t around to do stupid things to report.  However, this doesn’t mean he still doesn’t do a tremendous amount of things to generate numerous funny, life teaching situations for all of us to read about.

KOTS enjoys visiting our house for a number of reasons.

We have food, we have heat, we have a working washer & dryer, and we have a nice warm shower with clean towels available.  A visit from KOTS will more or less involve the above items.

We all like warm, comfortable showers and KOTS likes to use ours as long as he possibly can.  Since KOTS has moved out, the bathroom downstairs is clean, has toilet paper, the toilet is always flushed, and there are clean towels available.  KOTS likes to come back to our home and use it as a hotel.  He takes an extremely long shower (without turning on the exhaust fan…flipping a switch is just too tough for him), he doesn’t flush the toilet (ah, that just brings back so many fond memories), and his visit wouldn’t be complete without leaving his wet towel on the ground instead of placing it in the large empty hamper that is located right there in the actual bathroom.  As you can see, we have done an excellent job of making him a responsible adult!

I must admit that my parenting skills do come into question when I write about KOTS and his lifestyle.  It also brings into the “nurture v. nature” debate.  Is one a product of his enviroment or a product of nature (genetics)?  In the case of KOTS, I’m fully going to argue that it is a genetics thing!

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