Does a Pyschic really need your phone number?

Do psychics really need to have your phone number?  Wouldn’t they know you were planning to call them?   Therefore wouldn’t they be ready to receive your call?

I’ve never been to a psychic (gee, could you guess that?) and I really am not educated in any manner to discuss or float any ideas about psychics.  I have no concrete proof that they are phonies or that they are real.

However, one incident that still sticks out in my mind was a trip to Lopez Island.  I was finished working on Lopez Island and was waiting for the next ferry to catch back to Anacortes.  At the end of waiting lane, there is a small cafe/coffee stand offering lattes, muffins, hamburgers to the waiting travellers.  I was bored and a bit chilled so I decided to wander down to the cafe for a nice hot latte.

I walked down, entered the cafe.  Nothing usually about that, lots of people drink lattes on cold winter days.  I entered the small cafe, nothing too out of the ordinary, just your typical small cafe.  The line for the espresso machine was short; two locals where chatting with the lady behind the counter making small talk.  I listened to their conversation (nothing too exciting) and waited to place my order.

The folks in front of me, ordered, received their drinks and moved to the side.  I simply asked for a latte.  Nothing fancy, no nonfat milk, no special flavors, just a nice hot latte.

The first thing out of the woman’s mouth is “You’re an Aries, aren’t you?”

I am!  I am an Aries!  How the heck did this lady know I was an Aries after the only thing I said to her was to request a latte!  I know a lot of different types of people who drink lattes and they sure aren’t all Aries.  How did she know I was an Aries?

I somehow managed to keep my shock and amazement contained and simply said “Why yes, I am.”

I paid for my latte and walked out of old crazy town that day wondering how the heck she knew I was an Aries after uttering one sentence.

One thought on “Does a Pyschic really need your phone number?

  1. Dear Kevin,

    Ever since you left me that day in Lopez Island I knew you would write a blog entry about our meeting. A latte brought you to me, and a ferry sent you on your way, but you will never leave my heart.

    Yours Truly,


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