Facebook Addiction

I’ve recently been succumbing to my Facebook addiction and spending way too much time on Facebook.  However, it has been enjoyable catching up with voices from the past and exchanging messages back and forth; some of these people I haven’t talk to for 15-20 years and yet I still enjoy talking (writing) with them.

Or do I just enjoy in my own narcissistic manner seeing myself writing and trying to impress these friends from the past?  Do my thoughts I write down really bring anything into the lives of these friends from the past?  Are they happy to hear from me?  I’m sure they are happy to hear from me at that particular moment.  Who wouldn’t enjoy getting a note from a friend.  Yet, the novelty of the experience will soon wear off and my friends from the past will disappear.  They will return to posting on their current friends walls and I’ll be sent to the depths of their friends list.  A forgotten voice from the past that deserves to be forgotten?

Then, at the moment, my inbox will never grow and I’ll have to go and find some new friends on Facebook or worse yet, communicate with my relatives!

I must admit that I really do enjoy hanging out with my cousins so it really isn’t that bad that I communicate with them on Facebook, texting, or even using the good old phone.  Some of my cousins (and my siblings ) share my sarcastic sense of humor or have a mild form of it.  Sadly, I am the one with the huge pot of steaming sarcasm waiting to boil over and engulf its victims.

One would think that this endless cycle of ex-friends, ex-girlfriends, and distant relatives coming into the friend’s list would turn me off of Facebook.  It would make me a cold, heartless blogger that is only out to build up my list of followers in the hopes to get a big writing contract and make millions of dollars in the process….well, we certainly know that I’m already a cold, heartless person so I’m a quarter of the way there.  I have a stalker Cyndi (who claims to be real yet we haven’t heard from her lately…Cyndi, I miss you, I really miss you…).  Yet, I lack a major following at this junction in my young blogger career.

Yet, I press on in the hopes that one day I’ll be famous and my narcissistic dreams can become true!  It really isn’t narcissism if your only joy is to spread your own special brand of sarcasm, is it?

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