Disaster is a Moment Away….

I remember when I enjoyed my blog and could come up with wonderful ideas to write about. Then multiple years went by, my spirt has been driven into the ground, and I’m still the same old sarcastic person.

I have been neglecting my blog duties to a shameful degree. With the lockdowns and the pandemic, you’d think that I would be writing up a storm! But I’m not.

And to pour salt into the wound, I’ve had my blog up and running for over 11 years…..I should be famous by now.

Keep in mind, people don’t flock to a blog about worthless and useless advice. It is a tough market.

What have I been doing during this pandemic? I watched my photography business ground to a halt. I read a lot of good books, built a custom hot tub with a 4 foot waterfall, travel only a little, stayed inside during the colder months, sent a lot of time outside during the good months, walked a lot on the treadmill, and ponder life’s meaning quite a bit.

Currently, I’m working on rebuilding my website http://www.hellriegelstudio.com. I really thought that during the pandemic that I would rebuild my website, learn to edit videos, and post more videos on YouTube. But I didn’t. Bad Kevin. There were too many good books to read.

So dear readers, I’ll have to get back into this blogging and building my new website. Until then, remember you don’t have to be sick to get better!

One thought on “Disaster is a Moment Away….

  1. You should never feel bad about that. The sad fact is the anger, fear and depression of the pandemic suppresses anything creative.

    I am a little jealous of the custom hot tub though 😉

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