Rain and Misery: Another Great Day to Be Alive

As usual, today is a wonderful day of grayness here in the Seattle area. Add in Covid-19 restrictions and the adventure of a lifetime awaits you here in Seattle.

Now, we all know that it is February and the Puget Sound area doesn’t have much to offer. Sure, you can take a nice walk around the Soos Creek Trail with your dog or maybe a jaunt in the rainy mist around Green Lake with the neighbor’s cat, Mr. Whiskers but it still is cold and damp.

Mind you, it is better than Texas or New York City with their snow and ice. At least here, I can enjoy my hot tub with no Covid restrictions. At least my dog Bella will hang out with me even if the neighbor’s cat, Mr. Whiskers won’t. (He’s a bit of a snob when it comes to the humans he associates with).

Enjoy your awful time in Western Washington or wherever you may be. Hopefully, you aren’t in Arizona enjoying some sunshine and warmth. That would just further depress me.

Sunshine? We don’t need that!

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