Threats of Poetry….

Being married to me is probably a curse for my wife. The other day, I mentioned that I would start writing poetry for her. Considering I have no background in poetry, I don’t read poetry, and I probably couldn’t tell you what good or bad poetry is, this statement probably scared her to death.

Her answer: “No, that’s ok. I’m good.”

I’ve discovered that writing poetry is very hard. Sure, I’ve only spent three minutes on the whole poetry project. Honestly, it was too hard to even think of writing poetry much less than actually writing it. I’m not inspired looking out my window to the view of trash cans and recycling bins, nor does the endless rain showers of the Pacific Northwest bring majestic words to paper for me.

I’ll just say my poetry writing is another failed attempt of unleashing my creative side. And remember, failure is good.

4 thoughts on “Threats of Poetry….

  1. Pretty sure I have made that same comment multiple times!

    Here’s a little “poem” for you. Hope you like it! 😀

    The endless rain
    Filling can after can
    Already brimming with the waste of lives.
    I look for inspiration.
    Something to guide my pen
    And yet I see it nowhere.
    Do I need it?
    Do I crave it?
    Will I feel successful if I find it?
    That’s Ok.
    I’m good.

    -Bonnie 🙂

      1. Well thank you! I just like to write. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes the struggle is real. I used to blog a lot, but I can’t find the inspiration anymore, and I enjoy reading yours. 😊

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