I can’t sell my kids but….Oh, more stuff for sale! Make an Offer!

My daughter and I have been cleaning up the house.  We attempted to disrupt the mess in the guest bedroom/dog’s room.  We sold an old desk my cousin had given me for $25.  So we thought, “Heck, let’s post other things on Offer Up! and Craig’s List”.

Let’s sell some of our treasures!

How about an old school desk?



How about something cool for the dorm room?  Man cave? Garage?  Check out my old Traffic Lights and Crosswalk Lights!


We may have been a little too excited and priced the items too high.  So we are will to take offers.  I know someone will score!

3 thoughts on “I can’t sell my kids but….Oh, more stuff for sale! Make an Offer!

  1. well, kevin and your “useless advice” — I/we are planning to start getting rich off of Craig’s List (and returning to eBay) sometime later this year when either the voices in my head make sense, or the more-disruptive voices simmer down, or I get inspired enough to start. so I may ask you about craig’s list and how rich you’re getting from that. thanx in advance!

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