Why “Baby on Board” signs should say “Moron Driving” instead!

It never fails to annoying me when I see those little yellow “Baby on Board” signs in a car’s window because I know the driver is a moron. They are always the worst drivers. Case in point is the driver you see in this photo.


license plate AKA0818
When we were on the five lane road, this awesome driver decided to tailgate me, then zoom pass me on the right, get stuck behind the car in the right lane, cut back into the left, and get stuck behind that car. After all that, they were now in front of me instead of behind me.  Hats off to you, moron driver!  You are truly a winner!

Of course, they have “Baby on Board” sign hanging on the back window.  Oh yeah, I should be extra careful when you cause me to crash into the back of your car because you think this is a NASCAR racetrack and you are sponsored by Busch beer.
Thanks again Washington State license plate AKA0818 for being a bad driver and endangering my life.  I appreciate your awesome ability to weave in and out of trafffic as you race to your finish line!  Good luck to you and your kids!

9 thoughts on “Why “Baby on Board” signs should say “Moron Driving” instead!

    1. I agree, Portland isn’t too bad. We just have so many bad drivers here in the Seattle area. This one occurred by my house so the suburbs have their fair share of crazies!

      1. I prefer, when possible, to take the train or the Bolt Bus to Seattle. The amount and the speed of the traffic is overwhelming on the freeways coming into Seattle. It is irritating the number of people who speed down my residential street in the suburbs here. In a hurry, on their cellphone…you name it. Happy Sunday from Portland!

  1. I absolutely agree; people with those signs tend to be the worst drivers! In their tiny defense, however, those signs are actually meant for emergency personnel in case of an accident. It lets them know there is a baby in the car in hopes that they find/save the baby first. I actually just found that our last year. Let’s hope this woman you were driving behind never has to ‘need’ that sign…she sounds like a dangerous driver.

      1. Don’t – lol. I just Googled it to be sure, because I was only going off of what my firefighter brother-in-law said to me, and apparently this was not the sign’s original purpose. It has only recently started serving that purpose! 🙂

      2. Ok, so it is pretty fine that I can make fun of them. I was worried that my sarcastic blog post was becoming an uneducated jerk post.

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