Let’s NOT answer your question….

Have you perfected the skill of not answering questions?

A recent example of someone not answering a question was on the tv show: “Hawaii Life”.  I was watching the HGTV show “Hawaii Life” and the buyer asked her real estate agent: “Is there a lot of noise from the pool?” Her agent’s answer: “That is something to consider.”  See, you don’t answer the question but you give an answer that is just an answer.

Which makes me wonder: Do you give the best answer or do you just give an answer?

Or do you offer a question as the answer to the question?

Example: How much does that cost?

Answer: How much do you want to pay?

Again, not an answer but you opened your mouth and said something to fill the void.  You didn’t not answer them.  You could have also said “That looks like the color pink.” Both answers got you and them to the same place…nowhere.

Of course you can’t answer every question fully. In case of the real estate agent, she doesn’t know how loud it would be to live next to the swimming pool.  Who would?

Enjoy not answering any questions by offering answers that don’t answer the question. Confused? So is everyone else.