Let’s hear all about You!

What have you been up to?

Don’t you hate that question?  Depending on the person, I always take a moment to reflect on what I have and haven’t been doing.  During this short moment of self-reflection, I have to decide whether or not I should be thinking about what I have done or what I haven’t done.  What is my mood at that particular moment….am I sarcastic? Am I excited?  Depressed?  Is the typical Pacific Northwest mood affecting me?  Is the rain getting me down?  Is my Facebook envy getting the better of me?

Today, I might say:

Well, I haven’t been posting on my blog…

Well, I haven’t been doing as much work on being a passive income (business) like I should….

I haven’t been working on my school photography business like I should…

Or preparing my business documents for my tax accountant like I should….

On the flip side, my positive outlook would make me reply in such a manner that my life is going awesome!

Well, we got our Phantom 3 drone 90% repaired!

I published two blog posts today and I’m on my way to uploading the third.

I finished the novel Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and the other three books I’m reading are holding my interest for the time being.

I’m thinking about writing a science fiction novel or even a romance novel (who careIMG_9082 (1)s that I’m not the least bit romantic…I know my book will be a bestseller!)

And today is actually sunny here in the Seattle area so I’m in a delightful mood.

So…what have you been up to my dear readers?



4 thoughts on “Let’s hear all about You!

  1. Don’t go romance unless it is sci-fi romance. Mixed genre is usually interesting. I have written a few perfectly horrible short stories but I won’t let that stop me from believing so I will continue writing them and maybe someday a dreadful novel. I am so good at run-on sentences that I am sure that it will be trademark. Well maybe my novel will win the hearts of millions of readers and I will become rich and famous.

  2. I can relate to this, and yes, I do hate that question. It’s like, “Well, I’ve been up to about 10,000 things since I last saw you, and I don’t feel like talking to you about them since you aren’t all that interested to begin with.” It ranks right up there with “What’s your favorite ________?” I don’t know. Life is way to rich and diverse to be able to simply rank things in a hierarchy.

    I much prefer to phrase these questions in “present moment” language. “What kind of _________ are you really into lately?” “What did you do this past weekend?”

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