Do Nothing….and get jealous.

I hate to say this but I’m jealous of my friend.   Last night he told me he was writing a book. He has never expressed any interest in writing before and now drops this bombshell on me. I haven’t done anything except write a few blogs once in a while. And he mentioned he has 100 pages of rough draft. Talk about making me feel like I’ve done nothing with my life.

Holy cow, I need to do something right? At least whip out a few pages of something…a short story? I mentioned his book project to my wife. She said “Boy, what if his writing is better than yours? Considering I haven’t even started a novel, yeah, I think his writing is better than mine.

2 thoughts on “Do Nothing….and get jealous.

  1. When I first read this I thought you were referring to me… then I realized I hadn’t mentioned anything about my book! Whew, my cover hasn’t been blown! And with my “advance” being so low I knew it hadn’t drawn attention to the media outlets. ha ha… hey, who knows if he’s actually writing a “book.” It might end up being a self-published manifesto… anti-government propaganda… so just open a Word documents, save-as; “book, rough draft, version 1” on your desktop. Title could be “working title -TBD.” Whoa-la! You’ve started your first book. I’ve been wanting to put on my FB page for work… “unpublished author,” “unpublished poet,” “freelance carpenter,” “aspiring playwright,” “undiscovered Hollywood extra,” etc. I haven’t done it yet because it’s probably not nearly as funny as I like to think it is, and it would really confuse my 2 FB friends who would actually take the time to read it. And my wife would comment about what a dork I am.

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