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Drought Time in the Olympic Mountains – Does this mean I have to drink my swimming pool water?

Jeez, I knew this was coming. With the lack of snow this winter and spring fast approaching, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a drought situation was coming.  Last night, we heard that the Olympic Mountains are in a state of drought.  This means that us water whores in the Seattle area need to be worried.  Pretty soon our Cascade Mountian Range will most likely be in a state of drought as well.

 We may be forced to turn to our swimming pools and hot tubs to water our huge lawns over the summer. I’m seriously worried that I won’t be able to relax knowing my water bill may skyrocket when the water district jacks up the price of water to combat folks like me that just leave our garden hoses running.

Frankly, we live in the Pacific Northwest so we know it is our right to allow water to pour out of our faucets without a care in the world.  Sorry California and other dry states, we usually don’t have a drought problem in soggy Seattle so we don’t care about your “feelings” about conserving water.

But now I am concerned about water and that sucks. One of the benefits of living here in Washington is the massive snowpack we get during the winter that allows us to not care about how much water we use. I might actually have to think about my water use.  That isn’t fun for me.  I shouldn’t have to think about water.  I should just able to swim, waterski, or drink water without a care in the world.

Sigh.  Now this summer will probably shape up to be a “water restrictions” summer. Great. We will be like Texas or California but without the sunshine and heat.

Thanks for reading…I’m off to turn on my neighbor’s faucet to fill up my pool.


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