These Yearbooks Will Be The Death of Me!

Well, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I have been slammed at work and this has resulted in me becoming a little bit behind in my blog posting. My yearbook company’s website crashed and was offline for three weeks. Now, I don’t have to design and create the yearbooks. The design, corrections, etc. is left up to the yearbook PTA mom who got roped into the job at school. It is a volunteer job where everyone complains about the mistakes yet is strangely absent when help is needed.

Really? You have the gaull to complain about the yearbook but you can’t help out to create it?

I have three newbie moms putting together the yearbooks at their respective schools. I feel bad that they have been thrown into this job. I tell them that they must remember that this is their first year and that they are unpaid volunteers. Don’t panic and don’t stress is my advice. If parents complain about their yearbook, then they can help work on it next year!

Overall, it has been a huge time black hole for me. On top of putting together yearbooks, I have to stay on top of my own work projects.

It hasn’t been easy. I was putting in 14-16 hour work days last week in a futile attempt to catch up and get everything back on track.

Alas, it wasn’t all futile and I have caught up quite a bit. I’m stuck in the middle between the yearbook company and the yearbook folks working on their yearbooks. It wasn’t the school yearbook ladies’ fault that the yearbook website crashed and certainly wasn’t my fault. However, we are stuck because I don’t know any other yearbook programs to create a yearbook on. The learning curve is steep and I don’t have time to learn something new.

So now I am assisting the newbies and trying to crank out these yearbooks. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “These Yearbooks Will Be The Death of Me!

  1. My how times change. When I was in school we had a “yearbook staff”……….of students. We put the books together. From cover design, to all photo and text layouts to developing and printing our own film. Then we mailed the entire package out to the yearbook printer. No parents were involved. It was some of the best experience I ever encountered in my small town. Sometimes I think parents bring stress on them selves. I know this was probably not the gist of your post but it did bring back “yearbook” memories. Good luck with all of yours!! 🙂

    1. Lol. Yes. These are all elementary school yearbooks which are a total waste. I might make money from them as a vendor but they are a minor profit maker and I waste way too much time on them. Too much time and not enough money.

      1. LOL!! Another small school advantage, we did Pre-K thru 12, all in one book. It was larger than your average book :-). Good luck!! Don’t stress to much 🙂

    1. Actually, not that much. I usually catch them as they are doing it. I then tell them if I see them doing it again, I’ll break their little fingers. Darn kindergartners!

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