St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

I forgot that yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.  Luckily, I wore a spot of green on a T-shirt I was wearing (however, to be honest, I think it was a bit of salad from lunch).

I didn’t have any green beer, nor did I drink any Irish whiskey.  My family didn’t have and corn beef, potatoes, or cabbage.  I failed my Irish ancestors miserably.

I did remind my kids that it was St. Patrick’s Day and to wear green.  They actually listen to me.  I should have mentioned to them that you are supposed to not fight or argue with your siblings that day too.

So today, I, Kevin Hellriegel make the promise to pay more attention to the various holidays that occur everyday of the year and dress appropriately to said holiday.  If it is National Field Hockey Day, I’ll dress up in a field hockey outfit, if it is National School Spirit Day (September 12, 2012), I’ll dress up as a Kapa’a High Warrior or a UW Husky!  And if it is Naked Hiking Day…well, I’ll break  my promise and skip that one!

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