Ugly Pink Shirts

The one thing I really like about the website is you can search for random terms and find a bunch of photos totally unrelated to the term you were looking at.  These results can be very entertaining.  Most photos on the website are just family snapshots, not professionally quality.  That is perfectly ok.   People are creating wonderful memories and saving these images for themselves, their friends, and people like me!

Since they don’t change their privacy settings, their images are there for public viewing.  This is a wonderful opportunity for people like me, that stumble upon their Kauai vacation photos, their cat photos, and gives me the  inspiration to create a blog entry out of their photos.  God (and my imaginary stalker Cyndi) only knows how many people see my photos of my cat Meesha and I on Facebook.  One minute you send a simple photo message to your wife and then it ends up on Facebook.

Since I am fairly boring, I dress in muted plain colors for my job as a school photographer.  Please see my entry “Busy As a Bee”  for my “Dad Uniform”.  I can’t say the say that I wear flashy colors in my photos.  One color I refuse to wear is pink.  It doesn’t look good on me.  My cheeks always are a little read and a pink shirt just looks bad on me.  I’d look like I was about to have a heart attack  if I worn pink with my red cheeks.

Getting back to bad photos, Photobucket, pink shirts, and lack of privacy settings allows us to see people’s photo albums and a father wearing an ugly pink shirt.

Maybe these guys can pull it off, however, I know I can’t wear the ugly pink shirt.  I accept that.  I’ll leave the pink shirt to other fathers.

On a side note…If these guys think it is dangerous enough to wear rubber gloves, whole body safety suits, and oxygen masks then why in the world would you be standing there in just your pink shirt and white summer retiree shorts?  These guys are wearing hazmat suits and oxygen masks for some reason.  Don’t you think that perhaps you should get out of there? I certainly wouldn’t be standing around with my white shorts and pink shirt with a stupid grin on my face.

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