Too Many Blogs?

I stumbled upon a pretty good sarcastic blog the other day.

Now, you know I am trying to be less sarcastic in my general attitude because it is suppose to make me a better person.  I won’t hurt anyone’s feeling and we can all get “Participation Certificates” for being alive.

Maybe I’ll get a gold star for writing my blog today.

Or a ribbon for waking up and writing something (at least I didn’t write about my cat today).

Anyway, I like Nick’s rant about the boring blogs out there.  Which made me think that I had better step up my game and write better blogs with more interesting topics.  Maybe less blogs about my cat Mr. Mittens…..

Guide to Sickness

The past few days I’ve been sick. What work I thought I would be catching up on; I didn’t. This afternoon, I finally started to feel a little better, did some image cropping, and uploaded some images onto my ordering website.

The only good thing about being sick was the chance for me to start watching the 2003 version of “Battlestar Galactica”. Netflix posted it online a few weeks back, I managed to watch a few episodes. When it originally came out in 2003, I was watching the series but fell behind and never caught up. With Netflix, I’m now caught up to Episode 14 (out of a total 76 episodes).