Sex sells…but I don’t have any to sell to you!

Hey, I had to get your attention with my snide comment about “sex”.  Yes, it is a shameless attempt to get my readership to increase by a whopping 100%!  Which isn’t too hard when you look at improving from 2 readers to 4 readers, right?

Surely, people won’t click on my blog merely because I add the word “sex” to the title.  I’m positive that they will be enticed by my witty humor and insightful comments about the world around me!  That is why my current (all two of them) readers love to read my blog!  Shouldn’t I do my best to increase my realm of influence with a shameless marketing ploy?

Of course, then we could get into the ethics of marketing…is it ok to lie to gain market share?  However, let’s not waste our efforts are futile discussions about ethics.  Rather let’s focus on increasing my readership.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below or you can drop me an email.  If your suggestion is good, then I’ll do it, take full credit that it was my idea and my idea alone that helped to drive traffic and readers to my blog.  If your idea sucks, I promise to personally write a sarcastic reply and shame you in front of the other one or two readers that happen upon my blog.

In review, my blog would be more successful if I focused on one or two subjects: Sarcasm and Everything else in the world.

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